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  1. When I import SOP to LOD the displacement value jump to 1. Even is I set the value in SOP level.
  2. Delete random points from each copy

    I work on a modular flat. I want to put props to pre-define points (Just blast 4 points from the original mesh). So I want to leave only 1 or 0 points for each copy from the 4 original points (Like in the picture)
  3. I wanna create a slicing simulation in Houdini. But somehow my free falling soft body after a few frames, just jump back to the original position. SLICING_02.hipnc
  4. I want to save the frame where the point joined to a group. I try this method: Its work perfectly, but my geometry have animation so i try to combine with this method: https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/21416/ But its just drop to zero my attribute after its get in the group.