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  1. Point deformer doesn't work with animated geometry?

    HIP file: vellumPointDeformer.zip
  2. I have a vellum soft body simulation, and I want to use a point deformer to deform the render body based on the vellum simulation. It works on the first few frames, where the model is close to the rest pose, but as the animation moves forward, the deformation gets weirder. I also try cloth capture&deformer, buts it doesn't do anything. I check and the point number stays consistent during the animation (both on the render body, and the vellum sim as well), change parameter in the point deformer node also doesn't help.
  3. Is there any way to break vellum constraints with attribute transfer? I try to use it outside the vellum solver and update the constrain "breakthreshold" value to 0. It change it outside the solver but inside its remains the same value. I also try to use an SOP solver with the vellum, but i can't find a way to get the constraints in the solver itself. breakthreshold_attribute_transfer.hip
  4. When I import SOP to LOD the displacement value jump to 1. Even is I set the value in SOP level.
  5. Delete random points from each copy

    I work on a modular flat. I want to put props to pre-define points (Just blast 4 points from the original mesh). So I want to leave only 1 or 0 points for each copy from the 4 original points (Like in the picture)
  6. I wanna create a slicing simulation in Houdini. But somehow my free falling soft body after a few frames, just jump back to the original position. SLICING_02.hipnc
  7. I want to save the frame where the point joined to a group. I try this method: Its work perfectly, but my geometry have animation so i try to combine with this method: https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/21416/ But its just drop to zero my attribute after its get in the group.