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  1. Hey...just saw this. Cool file. Thanks.
  2. Convert Scatter Point to 3D-Triangulation

    Yeah, you can use a triangulate2D with your point input. Then use an attribute expression sop with the triangulate2d into the first input and your original points into the second input. Then in the expression node put @opinput1_P
  3. Texture swapping or switch

    Why not just use a switch in the Shop context once you dive into the material? You can use a color mix if you want to animate a blend between them.
  4. Authoring Interactive HLSL OpenGL shaders in Houdini

    If you have not yet checked out Touchdesigner you should, based off of Houdini 5 and then split off, it can share a lot of data, bgeo, chops, chan etc, and can do what you want with ease. http://www.derivative.ca/
  5. Lens Shader Oculus Rift Projection ?

    I have not looked into this, but I would check out the Derivitive forum and get a rift setup from there. http://www.derivative.ca/Forum In all honesty, I don't think you need a lens shader, but more of a stereo rig, and then proper composting to take those two images and conform them into the way occulus needs them. While I have not done this, I have seen it done quite a lot and it is pretty easy.
  6. problem with Motion Blur and Alembic

    Unfortunately, I do not think that the standard alembic workflow works out of the box with motion blur...Imre Tuske has an alternate alembic rop that will get motion blur working in Maya as far as his otl purports. but I have not tested it yet. I believe that it involves baking the motion vector colors onto the geometry. I don't have a link handy but believe that the otl's are hosted on github...
  7. butterfly flocking sysytem

    Thomas...great file. I always learn so much from your solutions to things.
  8. Interior Mapping Shader Help

    Just a thanks from over here for this as well.
  9. Material projection

    Hey Petz, thanks for your file.
  10. Material projection

    Thomas...great simple file. Do you know how one could do what Maya calls a tri-planar projection, where the texture is projected along all six axis of a cube regardless of UV's?
  11. BulletSOP 2.0 beta_v3 for Win64

    Here's my quick test...sim time around 6 minutes. 5,680 cubes. https://vimeo.com/58054970
  12. proper height map in a shader

    Could you not just render a ramp using the object bounds on whatever axis you wanted that way getting a full range from 0-1 without having to worry about remapping to an objects specific. You could do it in a vop or simply uv project and texture with a ramp. I have rendered a lot of height maps for both terrain and parallax mapping this way
  13. Group odd numbered points only...

    In the groupGeometry sop I am trying to figure out how to group only the odd numbered points with an expression and am not having much luck... Thanks in advance for any help here. s
  14. Any advice

    A real simple way would be to use the scatter sop to scatter points along the surface and use that as the template geometry with a copy sop and a box that is scaled to suit. Jordan Halsey www.jordanhalsey.com
  15. Help needed: How to animate curtains opening?

    Here is a very simple setup that does exactly what he said...pin constraint's tied to torus position. I have animated this opening and closing. s curtain_v01.hipnc