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  1. Hi Guys, I searching some references for my project, and i found this. I'm trying echive this effect, but i dont know if it's possible to make it in Houdini, it's maybe about compositing work. You maybe see some films about war where soldier make warpaint with blood or camouflage with some on their face. My goal is make blood and with my animated character make this smudges with fingers on floor. And with this blood make warpaint. lv_0_20210823213128.mp4 soldier-preparing-for-battle-picture-id1050355366 lv_0_20210823151025.mp4
  2. Houdini Laces

    Hello Guys, can you help me how i can make this shape of laces?
  3. Digging Hole

    Hello Guys, it's possible to make in houdini simulation of digging hole in terrain surface? I mean my character have shovel and i wanna make simulation where shovel dig to the material and he takes piece of material on shovel. It's just a question i have a idea to make something like short film. And this is one of the scene. Like in Mafia 2 where Vito with Joe digging hole for dead body in his car. Thanks
  4. Toms "Learning Houdini" Gallery

    Hi Tom, Can you tell me what setup do use to make this?
  5. Python Genetic Grid in Houdini

    Hi Librarian, thanks for response and thanks for this tips, I'll take a look at it. But i still searching for another tips, how to make it.
  6. Python Genetic Grid in Houdini

    Hello Guys, Is there someone who understand python in houdini? Because i don't I wanna trying remake this > Video I read one interview where Albert Omoss talking he rebuild this code from Processing to Python in Houdini, but i dont find any tips how to make it or how i can rebuilt GeneticGrid.mp4
  7. Houdini UI Brain element

    Hi Librarian, thanks for response! I try find these tutorials from cgworld japan. And i'll try to find something similar here on forum.
  8. Houdini UI Brain element

    Hello Guys, I'm here for help or advice how achive this effect. Maybe someone of you tell me how i can start. I'm newbie in houdini, but i'm very interested in how to do something like this. Link on Picture Thanks, David