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  1. Houdini to Magicavoxel

    Hi All, I've been working on the .vox exporter for a while. After some improvements I decided to publish it on github. The HDA generates .VOX Magicavoxel file from given inputs. If interested you can get it from here; https://github.com/caglarcomez/Houdini_to_Magicavoxel
  2. Peter Claes - Youtube channel

    Thanks for great videos. I regret that I missed the Gnomon Houdini 3 course even though they are online, I hope one day I can get the opportunity to learn from you. The content in your courses is very hard to find. Do you have any suggestion/resources for implementing chaos theory and fuzzy logic to solvers, I am interested in them but the best I can find is strange attractors or similar papers.
  3. Pop Forces and RBD

    Hi all, I am trying to learn RBD. And I have a question about pop forces. I am using pop forces to effect my sim and I am confused. I need sop solver to break glues, the pop force doesn't break glues, is that right? And I am using sop solver to decide where to delete constraints so that pop force effects these released pieces. Am I correct ? Best regards.