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  1. Thanks Librarian, ok I foound that there is a reported bug with RS 3.0.30 which causes all other AOVs to be blacked out when Cryptomatted is enabled. I have updated to latesr RS which is 3.0.50 and Houdini 18.5.596. So far so good, but getting an error about OCIO profile not loading and failing the render. Will do some more digging around.
  2. I'm having issues with cryptomatte with Redshift, both in Houdini and Maya. I think there might be a bug with the current version of Redshift and Cryptomattes. We are in the middle of production so upgrading Redshift is out of the question. I'm going to try Mantra to render out a cryptomatte pass.
  3. Hi guys, resurrecting this old thread, thanks for the great piece of code markinglevfx, now lets say instead of changing the colour i wanted to add each hit group to its own group and affect it with different wind etc forces, how would I go about doing that? I'm looking at adding the particles (points to a group) via vex. Does that sound right?
  4. Do you want to post your hip file? There could be many reasons why you're not getting (close to) real time playback, mainly if your voxel count is too high.
  5. It's not very clear the problem you are having, Do you know about the Axiom Facebook page and Discord group>? It might be better to pose this question there.
  6. Check out Entagma, I think they did a Houdini and Blender tutorial, I believe they export the setup from Houdini, load into Blender and render that way, Still, could be closer to what you're trying to do.
  7. Feature Request: Can we have Houdini remember the last Window Size and location? I open Redshift and resize the Render View window, and when I close the window and open up again in a few minutes it is in the default location. Also, for pop up dialogs, they seem to open in most inconvenient places, like top right, and minimised, have to resize them, make a selection etc. Next time they are opened they are in the defaul position. This would be a great little time saver.
  8. I really enjoy your other tutorials David, can't wait to check this one out. Many Thanks!
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