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  1. I'm currently working on a project in three.js and I'm importing a model from Houdini, exported as a .glb using the GLTF ROP. When I inspect the model in three.js there's no separate named primitives I can access — it's just one mesh. Does anybody have any experience of creating named primitives with a .glb export? I have the 'export names' flag on. Thanks.
  2. Mapping texture to deforming geometry

    Ahh right — nice thanks. Might give that a go.
  3. I wondered if anybody could give me pointers to correctly mapping a texture onto a geometry that for instance grows over time using a solver so the texture is consistent? I saw a technique that used the timeshift SOP and the $fend variable and then apply the UVs with an attribute copy SOP but it still looks very weird as the mesh grows, I guess because the starting geometry is so different to the end geometry. Any pointers to the correct way to do this? IMG_9760.MP4
  4. Thanks to a tweet from the maker of MOPs, I just had to cache the sim to disk using the File Cache SOP before rendering. Worked a treat and everything now works as it should.
  5. Houdini dynamic UI

    I recorded a little video tutorial about creating a dynamic UI populating a menu with csv data. That might be overkill for what you're looking for though: http://brendandawes.com/blog/creating-houdini-menus Alternatively you can use the Edit Parameter Interface, available from the cog icon top right in a node's UI to simply drop in any interface element you like.
  6. I'm playing around with the Mops toolkit, which is great, but weirdly the Spring Modifier, whilst effecting the falloff in the viewport and the timeline, doesn't effect anything when the scene is rendered. Tried several attempts, closed and opened Houdini several times, yet always the same result. It's as if there is no Spring Modifier being used. Anybody had this issue? Using Houdini 18.0.348 and the latest version of Mops. MOPS_basic.hiplc