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  1. Auto rig reposition problem

    It works now. Thanks. Very impressed with your efficiency.
  2. Just doesn't work. I create auto rig. Press "Create/Modify/Match Rig" button. Then do refresh imports for animation rig (as in quadruped tutorial). Then reposition knees (for example) in auto rig. Press "Create/Modify/Match Rig" button again (in Modify Scene Rig mode). And nothing happens - animation rig joints are not repositioned. Any ideas?
  3. Hi all. Have a problem with context sensitive l-system. Exactly: Premise: A Rule1: A>B=F and nothing happens (string is not rewritten). Without brackets it works. Any ideas? (In fact I need signal propagation from main branch to children (as in "The Algorithmic Beauty of Plants", Mycelis muralis