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  1. extended ocean with renderman

    you can't use spectra and mask in other rendere just like in mantra, unless you kow some vex to rewrite the Ocean.h code, you can use either the old school methode writing the displacement file in ocean evaluate on disk and use it the veczor displace your mesh
  2. turn on boundary layer in initial wave and add some pop drag in flip solver
  3. Ocean sample layer

    HI, I'm just struggling trying to undersatnd the way he coiuld modified the idea of wave instancing backu up some attribute in order to use them at rendertime (Arnold) timestamp 3:17:36 i understand how to sample some attribute like frequencie, chop etc but didn't get the idea of wave instance and noise as attribute as he showed in the talk. eventuel someone can point me to the function in Ocean.h to sample those attribute. Thanks a lot for your help Cheers Farid
  4. Making tidal wave

    thanks a lot for your help cheers
  5. Making tidal wave

    great idea will try it Thanks alot Master Cheers
  6. Making tidal wave

    Thanks ! intersection analysis doesn't work cause the curve i extracted is still intersecting befor it reach the bottom
  7. Making tidal wave

    hi, i was wondering how to calculate the intesection of the curve with the bottom so that i can emit particles at the intersection, in this sigraph paper it was plugin in maya. Thanks a lot for your help
  8. hi, i just wonder where the foamdensity attribute wich was in houdini 16.5 in flip solver now in houdini 17 gone ??? Thanks Farid
  9. exactly ,thats what i did :-)) Thanks for the reply cheers
  10. Hi there, Hope you doing well :-) I have a simple issue generating particles from Impacts points,works well so far but i couldn't figure out how to stop emiting when the object is not more moving,in my case the point still there because the object is on the ground. kind of sparks on collision this is what i wanted to achieve, the issue is that the particles emitte always because the impacts point still there :_( Thanks for your advice Farid
  11. Gradient as Force but masked

    Hi, it's been a while that i didn't post here :-) I just have a little question regarding gradient calculated from sdf (isoofset) ,i want to use them to drive Force in Fluid,the idea is just masking those gradien and use them as force driving the direction,say following the emitter shape,kind of drips,i tried field force with sopvectorfield but the behaviour is not correct,what i want to know how to generate a mask from the volume,and how to setup the force,all i get is velocity when add this force (gas calculate,or field force or whatever i tried,i don't understand how to setup this.i attached a file so if someone have a little time to help with this it will be great. There is no much information about gas and volume mix ,i'm kind of lost. The seconde question if you don't mind ,is how the hell i can control the emission so that not all the Fluid (Water) fall with gravity with the same speed? Thank you very much for your help and Merry Chrismas to all setup_Gradient_as force.hipnc
  12. How was this animation done?

    you can do this easly with cinema 4D moggraph ,i think this is C4D:-) cheers cheers
  13. lagoa test

    Hi, particle count was somthing like 132651 sim time over night,i must say thet it's a bit slow,but because of the substeps,i have to rise the value to get a descent collision behaviour Thanks for the feedback cheers
  14. lagoa test

    again other test cheers
  15. lagoa test

    Cool lagoa physics Sorry for the quality of render ,i just don't have too much time to render a full resolution cheers