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  1. Polyextrude angle problems

    Noob question! I am trying to extrude using polyextrude tool but the extrud ed plane is angled. I do not want the angle. I want it to go straight. Individual components work but don't get the same length. What do I do?
  2. Instanced geo as bounding box for group node

    I see. Thank you very much
  3. I have put some instanced geo as a bounding box in the group node. It works at someplace perfectly fine but at other places, it does not select all the points inside the bounding obj or selects points outside. I have attached the images and hip file. I want to know if it is a bug or it really just doesn't work with instanced geo or there is something else I am doing wrong? Thank you. cactus_01.hiplc
  4. VEX 101 and new point SOP

    Isleofgough Yes, I tried it now. Attribute delete works too. So is the old point sop deleting normal attribute when we select the no normal option in it? How can I replicate it in attribute expression?
  5. VEX 101 and new point SOP

    I have a question regarding this topic. Initially, I had normals pointing in the x-direction as shown in the image. I wanted to make normal and point away from the surface so I used the old point sop and just did no normal and reversed it. That worked as shown in the second image. What I want to know is what does the no normal option does in the background to make the normals proper (like does it add something )? How can I use the VEX expression to get the same result without the old point sop just using the attribute expression? Thank you.