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  1. od[force] challenge 2010

    Great challenge, those retro monsters are awesome http://www.andyboyd3d.com/images/monsters.htm
  2. burnout simulation

    Great work Bareja, that's some excellent looking smoke you got going on there. I also really like the work you did on the two characters splitting in half, care to share any further info on that project? The final render of the characters looks awesome, is this mantra or renderman? Cheers
  3. Azureus Rising

    Not really Houdini related but some quality action and character animation
  4. Unofficial challenges

    My vote would be to re-create the venom effect in spiderman 3, thats cool!
  5. Does anyone know if there will be a Houdini Apprentice Challenge this year? I never had the time to submit any entries in previous years but i was right up for doing one this time round! Thanks
  6. Procedural terrain and more

    Hey Putoparri, I always hate asking for hip files so i really appreciate you uploading your file, which is by the way amazing. There's some little gems in there which i'm sure i'll be using in some projects of my own. Thanks again
  7. Procedural terrain and more

    Hi Putoparri, amazing work. I really like the render quality that you are getting from mantra on your posts, is this latest work pbr or micropoly? Are you in a position to post an example hipnc of your process for the terrain? I would be very interested to learn from your techniques, especially the angle dependant displacement. Nice one

    This is a simply awesome movie. Motionographer has a bit more info on the project, looks like maya with a custom C++ tool for animating voxels. (Could be done in houdini no problem me thinks!) http://motionographer.com/2010/04/13/pixels-qa-with-patrick-jean/#more-28333 cheers
  9. procedural stones/rocks

    Awesome work Johann. Thanks for the hip file, i'm learing a lot from your example Cheers
  10. Rock Hard

    I second that, i would love to know how you have done the shading on the last render. Awesome stuff Macha, keep em coming!
  11. strawberries

    very nice indeed. I wouldn't mind having a peek at that Phyllotaxis asset either, is it available to the public ie somewhere this forum or the houdini exchange?
  12. Lighting Challenges: the Bedroom

    Aww come on admit it, you did this in maxwell!!!! Only kidding, very very nice. Loving the light casting on the guitar and wall.
  13. Building a computer

    Hi Simon, I had some good advice from some users here at odforce on the following thread; hope this helps Cheers Dan
  14. I might have asked this before along with others, but does sesi plan to make the classroom training available to the masses? There's some killer topics on there including the houdini to nuke pipleine and advanced materials and shaders which I would defo pay for. These need recording and making available to buy on a digital download of some sort. Thanks
  15. Structure, Form and Stuff

    Beautiful images, especially loving the first two images in your last batch. Are these straight mantra renders or has any post work been done? Looking forward to any hip files coming our way! Nice one