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  1. Converting numerical values to text

    Thanks to Olivier Junquet of Monarch in Paris, he filled in the missing bits. I have attached the file to help others Thank you FONT_COUNTER.hip
  2. Converting numerical values to text

    Thank you so much. Now my adventures in Houdini start. Incidentally, your showreel is really inspiring.
  3. Converting numerical values to text

    Thank you for your interest. So sorry for not be clear. Result : In the 3D scene are Numbers that count over time. I would need to set the start time of the counter, the start value & the end value. The font tool Frame counter using Frame: $F seemed like a good start but I have not found a way to develop this to have the counter start at a specific frame more count between 2 values over a certain number of frames. I hope this is clearer Thank you
  4. Hello 1. I am a total Houdini neophyte. I want to attempt a procedural animation that I had managed to do with Blender and Animation Nodes. 2. I am looking to animate mathematical equations, having numbers change over a specific time. In Blender, I have done a similar animation using the frame rate to increment the calculations. The calculations are not real, they only illustrate a change of numerical state. I attach the node flow of the Animation Nodes. I figure that the node graph is reasonably self explanatory. Can something similar be done by nodes or is it VEX ? Why am I asking when I already have a result? Currently, these Animation Nodes calculations cannot be exported out of Blender. My goal is to export the animation in alembic and I figure Houdini can do that. Any thoughts are most welcome. Thank you