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  1. vellum and FLIP feedback force (floating vellum)

    I have been also looking into combining Vellum and Fluid. Found this tutorial. Maybe it's a way to tackle the problem?:
  2. Vellum + other simulation (rbd)

    Ah cheers! That already helps a lot. So the interaction can only be one sided?
  3. Vellum + other simulation (rbd)

    Hi all, I am trying to figure out a way to let a vellum simulation interact with other simulations. In this case I want the vellum donut to collide with the chain simulation I made. My thinking was to do this through a dop import field. However there is no collision between the 2 simulations. Does anybody know how to achieve this interaction? Cheers! Chain+vellum.hiplc
  4. Vellum cloth stitching over time

    Hi guys, I am quite new to Houdini and recently discovered this forum. Love the content! Now my question: I was trying to search the web for a progressive stitching effect. My thinking was combining the Entagma rbd dynamic weave effect with a vellum setup, where the points on the edge draw towards each other over time. Not sure if this is possible though. The effect I want to create can be seen in this video at the 0.14 mark: Do you guys have any pointers on where to look at? Cheers!