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  1. This highligted point has int attribute which is 1 and rest of points are 0. The problem is two primitive curves are exsisting. And I don't wanna use for each loop node if it's possible. Would it be possible to remove lesser point number than the highligted points in each curve?
  2. Wow thank you guys, that's exactly what I wanted! I appreciate it
  3. Hi , I would like to apply a smooth that gradually affects from the bottom to top to my copied curve by ramp or something. Is there any way to make it? I attached my save scene and a picture. Please have a look. curves.hiplc
  4. Hi, I've been trying to import the instanced mesh into Blender as is. I attempted exporting Houdini scattered point into Blender with keeping the transformation. However, I can't get the transformation value and an attribute that I set up in Houdini. Does anyone have a nice solution? Thanks
  5. Hi Aizatulin That's exactly what I wanted to do. It's perfect! Thanks!
  6. Hi, I'm studying VEX and trying to make a procedural garden. would it be possible to rotate the line towards the center somehow? My goal is to make a wood cage look like an attached picture. Thanks!
  7. Hi guys, I'm currently finding a way to create an illumination light with cable on a tree in procedural. My personal goal is to make like the pictures that I attached here. Does anyone have a great idea? Especially, I would like to figure out how to create the spiral curve along with a tree shape. Thanks!
  8. Hi Martin. Wow That is awesome! thank you for helping me a lot! I learned a lot from your nodes. Actually, this thread was my first post but I'm really happy to have all of your kind and cooperative comments. Thank you very very much Peon you are the best! Haya
  9. Hi Martin, That is awesome! That is exactly what I wanted to do. Also, thank you for describing the node very clearly. Now I can go further step. Could I ask you one more thing as extra, if you don't mind? I'm just curious if I can set a different direction of copied geometry depends on the curve directions. Currently, all the geos are facing goes up. For example, if the curve direction is vertical, copied geo faces horizontal direction, on the other hand, if curve direction is horizontal, copied geo faces vertical direction. I attached a screengrab with my poor annotation. Anyway, thank you so much Peon, you are my lifesaver!
  10. Hi Martin. Thank you for your warm reply! I see, I have attached the hipfile here. Also, sorry that I couldn't attach my original file since I started the base geo with my obj file. So I created the same node with just a sphere. I've been trying to build a simple cable generator for my personal work. So in my node, I created a random cable from findshortestpath and added connection geos that looks like rivets with copy node. However, the normal direction is currently messed up. Therefore, my current goal is to line the rivets up with a red face facing up along the base geo normal and randomize the rivets count somehow. I hope this reply helps and please take a look. Thank you. pipe.hipnc
  11. Hello guys. I'm a newbie of Houdini. I'm trying to make a procedural random cable node. Currently, I'm struggling to distribute geometry along curves that I created by findshortestpath. Roughly speaking, I have two problems. 1) I can't get proper normal direction on the curve. So It would be great If I get the same normal direction as my base geometry somehow and copy my geometry along the curve. 2) would it be possible to control the number of distributing quantities? I attached my screenshot in this post. Thank you!
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