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    Hi guys! i need some help with this effect. I would like to achieve this effect of the book opening and the pages flipping. I am in process of learning Houdini but I have a project coming soon that requires me to do this and so far I have not seen tutorial on how to achieve this in Houdini. it would be so helpful if somebody could show something similar so it would make it easier for me to achieve the effect in Houdini. thanks in advance!
  2. How to attract sand to an object?

    Hi guys, I have just seen your post and I had a similar doubt on how to create a sand effect. I am new to 3d, and so I started with Houdini a couple of months ago, I'm trying to understand it slowly. The effect I would like to achieve is this one, basically sand rising and making a shape in that curly way. I hope somebody could explain me what can be used for that as I don't find any tutorials. Thanks! va