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  1. Fill object with feathers

    Thanks, Atom. I see that checkbox works too. Initially, I was madly clicking things trying to get the bool working and not taking the time to make sure the objects would cut nicely. I simplified the scene, made some smaller tests and fixed minor issues when it was in bite sized chunks. Lesson learned.
  2. Fill object with feathers

    Well, the answer was way simpler that I though. I didn't put an Unpack node after the Copy to Points that I was trying to boolean. Worked great after that!
  3. I'm hoping someone might be able to give me a little advice here on a project I've been working through. I've only been at Houdini for a few months but pretty comfortable in other 3d packages and although this is my first post, I've already learned a ton reading this forum. I'm trying to create a down baffle, like part of a down jacket or blanket. It's basically a container filled with down feathers surrounded by fabric, the fabric will eventually be partially cut away to reveal the down feathers inside. I started by painting an alpha image of a down feather then mapping that to a single polygon, then scattering points and attaching that polygon to those points. It looks OK if I make tons of points to instance on but I'm running into an issue where parts of the instanced down polys "poke" outside of the container object. I've tried a boolean to cut away whatever is outside the container but couldn't get that to work. I'm also not sure if my method is the most efficient. I've tried a couple ways of building this, one using copy to points and one using MOPs, and not matter what I try I can't seem to figure out how to keep these objects from slightly poking out of the container. If anyone has the time to give me any advice on a clever "Houdini" way of doing this or sees something in how I'm building my files that I could improve upon, I would be super grateful for any feedback. Much thanks! Fill Feathers 200512.hiplc