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  1. HUDACH Meeting 032013

    Will be there!
  2. Hi WangHuan! See attached HIP-File...the primitive type "Mesh" had no primitive numbers so I simply converted it to a polymesh to get it working. Have fun! calix exportGEO_problem_fixed.hip
  3. HUDACH Meeting 022013

    Will be there too...Beerday!
  4. Merry Origami!

    Thanks Erik thanks LEO! It's cool that you like it! calix
  5. Merry Origami!

    Hey! Here's a little animation I just finished for Christmas. I wish I had more time for it but my girlfriend makes trouble...I hope you like it, Merry Christmas to all odforce people! ;-) It's fun to be a Houdnik! calix
  6. HOT 1.0rc9 - Mac OS X - H11.1.118

    many thanks! ;-)
  7. H12 goes beta!

    Thanks Robert! :-)
  8. H12 goes beta!

    Hi Robert! Thanks for the great news! Who is the account manager? Thanks! calix
  9. hotbin_osx_H11.0.658_1.0rc9.zip

    Great, many thanks!
  10. martin's sketchbook

  11. Yes! Merry christmas to all Houdniks!
  12. Amazing Fex! Rock'n'Roll! :-)