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  1. Merry Origami!

    Hey! Here's a little animation I just finished for Christmas. I wish I had more time for it but my girlfriend makes trouble...I hope you like it, Merry Christmas to all odforce people! ;-) It's fun to be a Houdnik! calix
  2. HUDACH Meeting 032013

    Will be there!
  3. Hi WangHuan! See attached HIP-File...the primitive type "Mesh" had no primitive numbers so I simply converted it to a polymesh to get it working. Have fun! calix exportGEO_problem_fixed.hip
  4. HUDACH Meeting 022013

    Will be there too...Beerday!
  5. Merry Origami!

    Thanks Erik thanks LEO! It's cool that you like it! calix
  6. HOT 1.0rc9 - Mac OS X - H11.1.118

    many thanks! ;-)
  7. H12 goes beta!

    Thanks Robert! :-)
  8. H12 goes beta!

    Hi Robert! Thanks for the great news! Who is the account manager? Thanks! calix
  9. hotbin_osx_H11.0.658_1.0rc9.zip

    Great, many thanks!
  10. martin's sketchbook

  11. Yes! Merry christmas to all Houdniks!
  12. Amazing Fex! Rock'n'Roll! :-)
  13. asteroid wip 2 some variation...
  14. asteroid wip 1 you won't see much of it in the final picture i guess...but i like NOISE!
  15. looks nice!!! asteroid coming tonight! ;-)
  16. Yep, Macha is right...just multiply the standard P with the noise P!
  17. Nice! Unfortunately I don´t have the time to do a own scene for the challenge so I´m very glad to help Felix with a little Outer Space Background for his Rocket Scene! First shot, fully procedural and comped in Halo! Good luck Felix! Calix
  18. How to do streaks?

    Hey! Check out the tutorial videos about the "Ramps" from Peter Quint ==> http://vimeo.com/6017920 You can get a gradient on a curve with a little help of UV's!
  19. DACHoudini-Meeting Munich 0610

    Hi Frank! Cool that you are coming too...a table for 10 is reserved for the name "Kelch".
  20. Hi! There is a Lensflare Shader from the Austrian Company Camf Production ==> www.camf.com It's for Houdini 8 I think, but it should still work! Look under Media/VEX Shaders! I tried it with H10 some time ago! calix sorry seems you're looking for a different effect...