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  1. [q] for each node

    It helped. Thank you.
  2. hello guys It's houdini 18. I want to use for each node to arrange each number on the y-axis, but it doesn't work. I have attached a file. What's the problem? foreach.hipnc
  3. hello guys When I simulate it, it appears normal at first, but from the frame of 4~50 there is a layer where the object has passed, and the edge is broken. Why does this result? I have attached a file(Houdini 18). And I'm following the lecture, but I don't understand the attached file, so I'm posting other questions. 1. If I don't use point cloud, I don't have to put in a normal node, right? 2. I have a question about divide node in ‘outline’ subnet. I checked the remove shared edge on the divide node and deleted a lot of sides, but when I test it by connecting it to another object, all of them disappear. I wonder what conditions can be used to partially delete it. 3. I created an outline of geometry on a subnet called ‘outline’ and used it for xyzdist in attribute vop node called ‘wrangel’. However, I wonder why there is no difference in the results shown in the viewport even if I sign on the ‘outline’ subnet called ‘outline’. untitled2.hipnc
  4. File Cache Question

    Hey Atom Of course I loaded it. We've solved the problem. Thank you so much for the link you shared.
  5. I've reduced the capacity with a file cache node, which is much slower than before applying that node. What is the reason?
  6. Hello guys. Why is there an error in the attribute vop? It's houdini 18. solver_xyz_dist.hipnc
  7. It's houdini 18 Displaying the attribute expression sop and playing it will cause problems. 1. Based on the red value, I want to make the trail passing through the grid sink as much as ‘0.2’, but only the grid tilted by 0.2, and the trail remains unchanged. 2. Why does the trail mark last longer than the reference geometry when the frame is played? Tell me how to solve this problem. solver_xyz_dist.hipnc
  8. Thank you so much
  9. Hello Guys I use Houdini 18. I used a ‘xyzdist’ using a shoe-shaped geo, but only a strange line appears instead of a shoe. What's the problem? solver_xyz_dist.hipnc
  10. Fit vex is weird

    Thank you for your quick reply. I've solved it.
  11. Fit vex is weird

    It's houdini 18 I know that Fit vex ‘comma’ goes in between min and max, but I have to type ‘.’ instead of ‘comma’ here, so no errors occur. What's wrong with this? copy.hipnc
  12. There is a @Cd error.

    thank you so much
  13. There is a @Cd error.

    Hello. I'm using a houdini 18. Why is there an error? Let me know how to solve it.