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  1. Maya to Solaris workflow

    Hello party people, I'm trying to figure out how to incorporate Houdini Solaris in my workflow. The way I do it now for something like a car is I use Maya for Model/shading -> Rig -> Anim -> Light/render OR just anim/light/render. If it's something that doesn't need to be animated it's just Model/shading -> Light/render. The reason I'm looking at Solaris is that the multi-shot workflow seems way better than having a separate Maya file for each shot, especially for sequences that has very similar lighting, sort of a built in Katana. The issue is that I'm not sure how to get the animated models into Solaris together with the shaders. Arnolds USD export works great, and the import works in SOPs, but using a sopimport in LOPs doesn't bring in the shading. Another way would be to do the shading in Houdini and export alembics from anim and have shader assignment in the top of the LOPs tree, but I'm not sure about the ins and outs of that. So you see I'm fumbling a bit in the dark right now, what I know is that I'd like to continue using Maya for modeling and animation. Any help, tips, pointers and input is greatly appreciated.
  2. Tiling redshift ramp

    Hello party people, Maybe I'm missing something, but right now I have two Redshift ramps multiplied together to basically form a white square surrounded by black and when I use a UV transform to scale the UV I expect a grid like pattern, but instead I just get a single white square getting smaller in one of the corners. Everything works as expected when I load a random texture. So, what am I doing wrong? Thank you
  3. Scatter non-overlapping geometry

    That works great, many thanks Konstantin!
  4. Hello party people, Is there a way to scatter points within a volume and then copy geometry to those points without having the geo intersect with each other? Right now I scatter points within a box, randomise pscale, copy an sphere to the points while running it through a for each loop with an Intersection analysis. While this works fairly decent, it's pretty slow and the spheres doesn't get as packed as I would like to. Is there a better way to do this? Thank you scatterFill_001.hiplc
  5. Storing and reevaluating point positions

    Ah, brilliant, it worked like a charm!
  6. Hello good people, Let's say I have a particle simulation, I would like to store the position of every point at the starting frame and then later on, say frame 25, I'd like to reevaluate each point position. If the new number is different than that on frame one, ie the particle moved, something happens to the particle, it stops, turns green, whatever. Basically some kind of if statement, if newVal != oldVal: turn green Any help is welcome!
  7. Convert particle velocity to colour

    Thank you, that was just what I needed!
  8. Hello people I'm pretty new to Houdini so this might be a dumb question. I have this grains simulation set up mostly using shelf tools, and I'm looking for a way to write the velocity of each particle out to a colour and rendered as an AOV. Let's say all the particles with a v of 0 is coloured red and anything over is blue, and then I guess create a custom AOV with this information. Any help is appreciated! grainsTest.hiplc