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  1. [SOLVED] Upres Colored Smoke

    Amazing. Thank you so much !
  2. [SOLVED] Upres Colored Smoke

    I guess there's no fix? =/
  3. Hi everyone, I am using popadvectbyvolumes to generate millions of particles on my smoke shockwave. As you can see there are a few particles in the center, not much, but it doesn't look that nice because they're overall position is a bit too far away from all the main particles. Overall these particles look like artifacts and I would like to remove them. Is there a clever, automatic way, how I can only remove these few particles that don't have many other particles around them, so that are not contributing to the dense look? Maybe there's a render setting trick? I realized that decreasing pscale and increasing overall amount of particles somehow gets me where I want, but it's extremly slow and unefficent. Hopefully there's a better way. Thank you in advance!
  4. [SOLVED] Upres Colored Smoke

  5. [SOLVED] Upres Colored Smoke

    Hey bunker, yes it's also visible in render (actually even worse ) I followed your workflow, also used your trick with cdl, unfortionately it didn't solve the problem
  6. [SOLVED] Upres Colored Smoke

    I'm not sure if I do it wrong or if this is a limitation of the Gas Upres. I want to upres my colored smoke. Unfortionately it creates an extremly ugly thin film around my smoke. My problem is very easy to reproduce, just use colored smoke shelve tool preset and then "Upres Container" shelve (don't forget ti add Cd and Alpha in advect_density1 inside Gas Upres node). Is there a fix? Thanks !
  7. Flickering colours in slow Coloured Smoke

    Have the same problem. Any fix yet?
  8. Growth Solver HDA

    Where can I download buy some really good and complex growth solvers (Infection Systems) ? Thanks!
  9. Smooth Pyro Dissolve

    This sounds good, I tried controlling the turbulence and dissipation with it, but I have no clue how to use a scalarfield, I tried mapping an attribute to it, which I rasterized in sop and connected to the dopnet, but it doesn't work. Would it be possible that you show me the proper way?
  10. Smooth Pyro Dissolve

    Thank you very much Atom!
  11. Smooth Pyro Dissolve

    This is roughly what I'm trying to create, only with a smoother transition. In the example, the smoke is being generated by an animated gradient ramp, and the opacity of the text geometry is controlled with another ramp at render time. With Houdini, I want to utilize another workflow, I'm importing the whole text in my pyro sim as a fog vdb. But I don't want the whole text to be affected at once, I want to gradually dissolve the text from left to right, similar to the shown example. 1. (How) Can I drive the 'activeness' of the pyro solver with an attribute? 2. How can I make my density text vdb as opaque, as if it would be an sdf? Thank you in advance!