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  1. Vellum in Dops

    I never thought I would say this but, what about using metaballs?
  2. Counteracting Force Accumulation

    You can use drag and/or limit the max force. Pop drag / Pop speed limit
  3. If statements on items in an array

    you should be running this code over "Detail (only once)"
  4. cut density inside dop

    you can do that with a gaswrangle node inside DOPs // using height as threshold if(@P.y>chf("max_Y_value")){ f@density = 0; v@vel = 0; } // or anthing outside the water area if(f@surface>0){ f@density = 0; v@vel = 0; }
  5. Pyro Scatter Flickering

    the vdbsmooth1 node inside the pyrobakevolume SOP is buggy. to fix it, you can convert to volume+volumeBlur and back to VDB.
  6. Ramp value in HScript

    chramp("ramp",fit01(sin(@Time),0,1),0)*ch("amp") You'll just need to create a "ramp" and "amp" parms (attached example) Notice the extra 0 at the end of the chramp function, that's the first component since you can do vector ramps too how do you find help about hscript? Open a textport and search for ramp: exhelp -k ramp Then get the docs about chramp exhelp chramp ramp_hscript.hipnc
  7. Python volume from string

    You can check the output of allVoxelsAsString() https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/hom/hou/Volume.html
  8. Spars solver rest position?

    rest2 gets created with the gasrest2 node Seems like you forgot to resize the rest fields? Have a look at the attached file. I hard-coded the "Frames between solve" for simplicity but you can keep the expressions. sparse_rest.hip
  9. You can set that on the left side icon and in the preferences The default behavior looks broken IMO.
  10. How to convert RBD back to a Mesh?

    unpack SOP?
  11. I had a look at your file. The UVs are still there after the voronoi, in case you didn't notice. just plug a uvquickshade node...
  12. you can try with xyzdist and primuv: // wrangle (run on vertex) // copy closest UVs // second input is the original geo int prim; vector uv; float d = xyzdist(1,@P,prim,uv); v@uv=primuv(1,"uv",prim,uv);