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  1. Pyro Simulation

    yeah I've seen this tutorial, not bad I'm hoping to record part2 soon, I've been a bit busy with work and the whole "end of the world" thing going on right now...
  2. Pyro Simulation

  3. Pyro Simulation

    @doc you don't need substeps if your source is already motionblurred trail_pyro_source_bunker_001.hipnc
  4. Finding Impact Records in RBD ?

    not sure what you're doing with the modify data DOP, it's just a like setting a value on an attribute, it really depends what you do with it.
  5. Finding Impact Records in RBD ?

    sorry I though you wanted the impacts points but you want the actual records, a bit different. you'll see the impacts in DOPs under DopObject/Impacts but only on the frames where you get impacts:
  6. Finding Impact Records in RBD ?

    put down a Sopsolver inside DOPs, everything is ready on the "impacts" node.
  7. using new noise pattern in pyro

    you could use VOPs if you don't like code https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/vop/unifiednoise.html for a box-like pattern, have a look inside the gasDisturb DOP node
  8. here is a simple solution without any solver tweaks: - create a random int attribute per point and convert it to float: f@r=int(rand(@ptnum)*1000); eg: r = 153.0 - on the FLIP solver/reseeding/interpolate attributes, add the attribute r - as a post sim process, you can compare the original attributes and interpolated ones, they will have a decimal value >0 eg: r = 154.462 if(f@r-int(f@r)>0)@Cd={1,0,0}; in practice, this isn't 100% perfect so you can use a vector attribute instead, have a look at the attached HIP separate_reseeded_bunker_001.hipnc
  9. volume loss / dropping water level in Ocean Flip Sim

    have a search on Odforce and the SideFX forum, there are tons of posts...
  10. VEX and normals from @ptnum

    Nothing weird there. Your sphere doesn't have normals, @N is creating them on the fly. Have a look at your Geometry spreadsheet.
  11. upres solver and collision?

    I had a look at your hip file now actually, you should put that wrangle after your "volumesource2", just plug it there in the latst input of "/obj/pyro_upres/upres/merge2"
  12. upres solver and collision?

    Upres doesn't compute any velocity (and collisions affects vel obviously) so you won't get exact collisions. the lowres vel field is upscaled and curl noise is added so some density might (will) enter the collision field. You can add a gasFieldWrangle as the last stage of the solver, or anywhere you want, it's removing density inside the collision on every frame. hope that makes sense.

    have a look at the hip file on page 2:
  14. Here is my tutorial, done super fast so don't be too harsh I hope this is helpful Sparse Pyro Upres, the easy way - part1
  15. RBD Cuda