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  1. How to convert RBD back to a Mesh?

    unpack SOP?
  2. I had a look at your file. The UVs are still there after the voronoi, in case you didn't notice. just plug a uvquickshade node...
  3. you can try with xyzdist and primuv: // wrangle (run on vertex) // copy closest UVs // second input is the original geo int prim; vector uv; float d = xyzdist(1,@P,prim,uv); v@uv=primuv(1,"uv",prim,uv);
  4. Start license server on startup

    maybe this? assuming you're on Ubuntu: https://itsfoss.com/manage-startup-applications-ubuntu/
  5. Houdini 19 Wishlist

    you can create a subnet or an otl and add an input to that.
  6. found this in my emails:

    to run houdini:
    cd /opt/hfs9.0.794
    source houdini_setup


  7. you should read about file permissions: https://phoenixnap.com/kb/linux-file-permissions TLDR, you can add the rights to execute "hscript" sudo chmod +x /opt/hfs18.5/bin/hscript ... and run this one-liner: cd /opt/hfs18.5; source houdini_setup; hscript does that solve the issue?
  8. VEX Noob question: why is "v" needed ?

    VEX is exactly like C, variables are declared once only. You only need "@" when importing or exporting attributes (in this case point attributes) But if you call an attribute inside VEX, then you need to tell VEX how to interpret its type. hence the v@ or f@ in front for example: vector a,b,c; a= {1,0,0}; b = {0,1,0}; c = a+b; // export c as an attribute named d v@d = c; You should read this: https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/vex/lang.html
  9. Wind Tunnel / Vector Field Masking

  10. Wind Tunnel / Vector Field Masking

    if you really want to use the wind tunnel direction, you could try cancelling the wind velocity inside the chimney for example.
  11. Wind Tunnel / Vector Field Masking

    wind tunnel direction is on the smoke object. it sets the velocity on the boundary of the vel field. so no, you cannot mask that.
  12. Control Range- Pyro solver

    you can still have zero turbulence outside of your range, if you set the values at zero at each end of the ramp: if you need more control, you can change the range from 0 to 100 for example.
  13. Control Range- Pyro solver

    The control range is used to remap 25-50 to 1-0. that's because ramps use values from 0-1 as input. The values below 25 will get the amount of turbulence you have in your ramp at 0 (left side) and values above 50 are mapped to the ramp value at 1 (right side) GasTurbulence DOP is an OTL, you can go inside and see exactly what's going on. Hope that makes sense
  14. Obscurus of Fantastic Beasts

    Search for advect particles houdini on youtube, there are tons of tutorials.