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  1. [SOLVED]Remove Continuous Pyro Cluster?

    are you using the Sparse pyro solver?
  2. Why still no MPM solver

    Why not use Bifrost, don't you like Maya? Seriously though, SideFX adds so many amazing features in every half release that I would excuse them for not spending much time on an MPM solver. From the little I know about MPM, it's very slow. Also, most FX tasks are not snow or gooey simulations that would require MPM.
  3. Spars solver rest position?

    Rest isn't in the sparse pyro solver. You'll have to add that yourself. you can copy the nodes from the non-sparse pyro solver if you look inside: /obj/geo/dopnet1/pyrosolver1/smokesolver_build2 there is a compute_rest box, and you'll need the advect_rest node too. You need to create rest/rest2 fields too in the smoke object obviously hope that helps.
  4. Maintaining Voxel Size in Sparse Pyro Sim

  5. Verify that pcclose() is called

    pcfilter returns the average value of an attribute on the points found. If you need anything custom, like the max value of an attribute for example, you would use pciterate/pcimport/pcclose This example explains how the pciterate+pcimport are used to re-create pcfilter https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/vex/functions/pcfilter.html also, pcclose is called automatically https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/vex/functions/pcclose.html
  6. Verify that pcclose() is called

    you don't need the pciterate
  7. Gas Disturb - Help

    The GasDisturb is an HDA so you can see what's going on inside, check the "vex" gasFieldVOP Threshold Range is just a remapping of density to 0-1 values VEX equivalent fit(f@density,thresholdmin,thresholdmax,0,1)
  8. No unfortunately, assuming that an upres would require more GPU RAM, it would need to run on the CPU. The OpenCL microsolvers won't match the CPU equivalent 100% Maybe possible using CPU OpenCL though, but that would be a lot effort to upres an extremely limited solver (the minimal solver)
  9. Advect particles with a dynamic object

    yes, simple pyro, save your vel field to disk and create a separate dopnet with a popsim and add an AdvectByVolume DOP node There is an example in the docs https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/examples/nodes/dop/popadvectbyvolumes/AdvectByVolume.html
  10. Export point list to a text file

    Maybe you can use the existing OBJ format? On your node, right click/save/geometry and export as .obj the output is a simple text file, easy to process in Python.
  11. houdini python and mply

    import subprocess command='gplay /tmp/tmp.*.bgeo.sc' subprocess.Popen(command,shell=True) This works for me. You'll need the full path on disk, not relative.
  12. houdini python and mply

    $F4 is probably getting evaluated and will return a single frame number try replacing $F4 with *
  13. Flip extruded borders

    The particleFluidSurface is an OTL, you can have a look inside to see where the issue is.
  14. Compositing As an FX Artist?

    I would suggest some basic Nuke for FX slapcomps at least. Also some keying and roto knowledge can come handy for garbage mattes.
  15. Custom toggle shortcut

    you can create a shelf tool and set a keyboard shortcut auto = hou.updateMode.AutoUpdate manual = hou.updateMode.Manual if hou.updateModeSetting()==auto: hou.setUpdateMode(manual) else: hou.setUpdateMode(auto)