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  1. seems like a display issue, try creating a new sceneView or use unpack SOP after the blast node.
  2. Which hidden operators do you still use?

    very rarely, last time I did that was to grab a useful VEX function from the old Pyro1 Shader (SoftClip) PS: did you completely replace your original post?
  3. Clustering Objects individually

    you could just separate the 2 pieces before the rbdcluster SOP: Cluster_Problem_2.hiplc or you can make your own clusters: Cluster_Problem_3.hiplc
  4. float dist1,dist2; wnoise(@P * chf("freq")+chv("offset"), chi("seed"), dist1, dist2); @Cd = dist1;
  5. if you use a attribwrangle and plug the bounds in the second input, you can do this in vex: vector bmin,bmax; getbbox(1,bmin,bmax); if(@P.x>bmax.x || @P.y>bmax.y || @P.z>bmax.z || @P.x<bmin.x || @P.y<bmin.y || @P.z<bmin.z)removepoint(0,@ptnum) is that what you want to do?
  6. Divergence Problem

    the solver is expecting an SDF so you need to use the 2nd output of the collisionsource1 SOP.
  7. Up res coloured pyro sim?

    Here is an example if you're interested. for the lowres sim, I had to change the "color" Enable Solver DOP, it required Alpha, and I didn't want that. for the upres, I just added "Cd" in the gasAdvect. As a bonus, I added a scalar field name "cdl", it's used to store/set the length of Cd on every frame, it keeps the colors visible for much longer. left: div size=0.2, right: div size=0.033 (6x upres) advect_Cd_bunker_001.hiplc
  8. Up res coloured pyro sim?

    the upres solver hasn't been updated for a while, you'll need to add 3 things: - resize the Cd field - source into Cd - advect Cd (inside the upres solver, the advect_density1 node) hope that helps.
  9. Finding the Min/Max values in a field?

    you can use a sopnet inside DOPs volumemax_in_dops.hipnc
  10. Finding the Min/Max values in a field?

    there isn't anything in vex to do that directly but you can reference the hscript output value in vex, eg: float maxvalue = chf("maxvalue"); create a spare parameter, then you can enter your hscript expression there: volumemax("/obj/geo/myvolume", 0)
  11. Finding the Min/Max values in a field?

    hscript volumemin() and volumemax() if you open the Textport, type: exhelp volumemax
  12. Vector Field visualization Guide Smoke

    change the gasmatchfield1 rank to "Vector" instead of "Scalar"
  13. How can i do this in pop network

    you need to remove the '@' symbol vector pdir=point(0,"P",7);
  14. Installing latest Nvidia drivers on Ubuntu

    I tried so many ways to get my 1080ti to work with Ubuntu 18.04 but no luck (it worked a few months ago), anyone got it to work recently? or any other linux distro actually, I don't mind... found the solution here, in case anyone's interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GljujCLixzE I got the Drivers Version 430.40 working on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
  15. H12 FLIP IDs

    I had the same issue before. you're probably just running out of IDs since it's only a 32 bits integer (2,147,483,647 max) It's going back to zero after that max value. it seems like a lot of particles, but after a few hundred frames it's likely that 2 particles have the same IDs. One solution is to add a secondary integer attribute to extend the range of IDs, you'll need to edit the FLIP solver's part where is ID is generated. hope that makes sense