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  1. [Solved] Custom LiDAR importer with python

    just in case, did you try this? https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/sop/lidarimport.html edit: worked for me with H18.0.327, even on my 11 years old macbook pro, it takes under a sec to load
  2. Sim not to be sneezed at

    cool but they forgot to turn on the AC in the office, it's summer now
  3. Some Selection questions

    sorry, I read your sidefx forum post after replying... ignore me
  4. Pyro Candle Artifact At the top end of BBox

    yes it's just a viewport issue.
  5. Pyro Candle Artifact At the top end of BBox

    I had the same issue with my viewport before. is that a flipbook?
  6. import and set $YMIN to zero

    in an attribute wrangle: vector bmin,bmax; getbbox(0,bmin,bmax); @P.y-=bmin.y;
  7. not sure if that would fix it but did you try using the Cache Manager? (Alt+Shift+M)
  8. Pyro Dissipate by Volume??

    good point Andrea. too many reasons to list here, but here are a couple - no extra field is created in DOPs, it saves memory. no extra nodes to create the mask field. - more flexibility: you can noise up the mask field directly in VOPs for example. personally I avoid VOPs altogether, it gets messy real fast. VEX is much cleaner. of course, use whatever work for you and get the job done.
  9. Pyro Dissipate by Volume??

    about using a dissipation mask, you can edit the dissipate VOP and use a volumesample to multiply the dissipation amount, have a look at nodes in red. dissipation_mask.hiplc
  10. Colored smoke gasupres with Redshift

    I searched on odforce for "upres color"...
  11. Hit data in SOPs

    you can use a Ray Sop, intersect VOP, or intersect VEX function.
  12. well, this is not VEX, it's a group syntax have a look at "Group syntax" in the help this seems to work @Cd.r=1,@Cd.g=0,@Cd.b=.2 and you don't need "==" because it's not VEX and this is VEX (in a wrangle) if(@Cd=={1,0,0.2})@group_mygroup=1;
  13. Houdini 19 Wishlist

    for H19, I would just like to see the current bugs fixed
  14. Add Name Attribute Via Python

    or use VEX, much simpler and a lot faster to compute. attribWrangle: s@name="piece"+itoa(@ptnum);
  15. connecting parameters in python

    just use parm() instead of evalParm() ball.setParms({'tx':boxy.parm('tx'), 'ty':0.55})