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  1. Limit speed on rbd

    You can use the "Group" field in the POP Speed Limit, and type your piece number there.
  2. Tab Menu

    I thought you wanted ALL the nodes nevermind
  3. Tab Menu

    g=hou.node('/obj/geo1') for i in hou.nodeTypeCategories()["Sop"].nodeTypes(): try: g.createNode(i) except: print "couldn't create",i you can do that in python easily but it takes a few minutes to create the 959 node types (just the SOPs in this example)
  4. you need to use getcomp matrix2 boo= set(1,2,3,4); f@firstvalue = getcomp(boo,0,0); f@secondvalue = getcomp(boo,0,1);
  5. Control Pyro based on vex rules

    you can use the fit function for that: float drag = fit(@P.y,0,10,0,0.1); // zero drag at y=0, drag or 0.1 at y=10 v@vel *= 1-drag; if you want to clamp the velocity it's a bit different: float maxspeed = fit(@P.y,0,10,100,1); v@vel = normalize(v@vel)* min(length(v@vel),maxspeed);
  6. Clusterin Pyro on the y axes

    also have a look at upresing your sim, you don't always have to sim everything super hires to get good details there are a few threads about that, for example:
  7. Mouse causing hand wrist pain

    yes, go for a good Wacom, takes 2-3 weeks to get used to it but after you won't go back, and it's much faster than a mouse for everything (and silent) Sitting badly is also a source of wrist pain, try a standing desk.
  8. try the "centroid" expression instead: centroid("../mynode",D_X),centroid("../mynode",D_Y),centroid("../mynode",D_Z)
  9. Method to generate Implicit UV on Pyro Objects ?

    yes, that seems a bit like doing some of the FLIP solver - could be a cool science project if you have the time Things have a changed a bit in 9 years, computers are much fasterand have a lot more RAM too... just curious, what are you trying to do?
  10. Method to generate Implicit UV on Pyro Objects ?

    dual rest won't give you sliding artifacts but would might get some pulsing effect when blending between rest and rest2. I really depends on the speed of your smoke/pyro sim. Using particle is a cool idea but sampling them properly not easy. How do you sample rest/normal attributes when a lot of particles overlap, and what areas with very few particles?
  11. Method to generate Implicit UV on Pyro Objects ?

    you probably need to combine gradient and dual rest.
  12. you need the upres density, heat, and temperature and the lowres vel from frame 71. the upres vel is re-created on every frame using the lowres vel. I included 2 examples on how to set the initial heat field with sopSolver and wrangle. set_heat.hipnc
  13. upres solver and collision?

    old thread but I thought I'd add this: you just need to zero out all the fields inside the collision - with a volumewrangle: // sample collision (input 0 in the collision field in SOPs) float c = volumesample(0,0,@P); if(c<0)f@density=0;
  14. you would have to set your sim startframe to 71, and copy all the fields from frame 71 as your initial frame. The smoke object has an initial data tab where you can set density/temperature/fuel/velocity, you'll need to add heat also. you can use a sopsolver or a volumeWrangle for example.
  15. normalize them and multiply them by your magnitude. eg: v@v = normalize(v@v)*chf("magnitude");