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  1. Flip extruded borders

    The particleFluidSurface is an OTL, you can have a look inside to see where the issue is.
  2. Compositing As an FX Artist?

    I would suggest some basic Nuke for FX slapcomps at least. Also some keying and roto knowledge can come handy for garbage mattes.
  3. Custom toggle shortcut

    you can create a shelf tool and set a keyboard shortcut auto = hou.updateMode.AutoUpdate manual = hou.updateMode.Manual if hou.updateModeSetting()==auto: hou.setUpdateMode(manual) else: hou.setUpdateMode(auto)
  4. Collision and Pyro Solver

    You need a VDBfromPolygon node instead of "convert" or use the collisionSource node if you use the Self tool / static object, you'll see how that should be setup.
  5. I've been a bit too busy to work on Part2 just yet, but feel free to ask questions here.
  6. Better methods for edge fractures

    You can try breaking your cloth into clusters using nearest points (like you would do with a simple voronoi fracture) edge_tears_2.hipnc
  7. foreach -setpointattrib

    The logic doesn't work: nearpoints() will give you point numbers from the second input, they have nothing to do with the first input point numbers. Here are 2 simple ways of doing what you want, just testing if you get at least one point within a search radius. // 1) nearpoint int pt = nearpoint(1,@P,chf("maxDist")); if(pt!=-1)@Cd={1,0,0}; // 2) pointcloud if(pcnumfound(pcopen(1,"P",@P,chf("maxDist"),1))>0)@Cd={1,0,0};
  8. How can I create groups randomly?

    you can use the partition SOP for that: random_groups.hiplc
  9. Make non-HDA out of an HDA instance?

    You'll need to use Python for that. You should get most of it working with a few steps: - create an empty subnet - copy all the parms from the OTL to your subnet with parmTemplateGroup uiparms = sourcenode.parmTemplateGroup() destinationnode.setParmTemplateGroup(uiparms) - copy all the nodes from your OTL to your subnet with hou.copyNodesTo() - to copy the keyframes, you have parm.keyframes() and parm.setKeyframes() hope that helps
  10. Convert Pyro Collisions to Point Attributes

    You could transfer the volume density to the grid with the attributeToVolume SOP, or volumesample() in a wrangle.
  11. you have to use prim groups instead.
  12. Alembic curves rendering - segmented ?

    on the /geo1 object, go to the Render tab/Geometry and turn on "Render Polygon Curves As Subdivision (Mantra)"
  13. Intestines/Guts with point relax

    have a look a this thread, that should help
  14. FLIP volume loss: water wheel

    Also don't expect FLIP to preserve volume, it just doesn't do that. The particles are added or removed based on the surface field - that's only a rough estimate and the volume loss becomes worse the more frames and/or substeps you have. This old masterclass explains some of the concepts of FLIP https://vimeo.com/15571778
  15. Easy way to animate material hue?

    there are 2 hscript functions: rbg() and hsv() if you open a textport, type: exhelp rgb