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  1. Best Linux Distribution for Houdini ?

    check out MX linux 19, super easy 5 mins install and it's solid.
  2. Conditional output switch?

    You can also use and expression with ifs and create the filepath based on the switch $HIP/geo/`ifs(ch("../switch1/input"),"A","B")`.$F4.bgeo.sc returns A.0001.bgeo.sc or B.0001.bgeo.sc conditional_output.hiplc
  3. Semi regular parallel backup?

    well, cron+rsync... https://serverfault.com/questions/189499/rsync-to-create-directory-based-on-date
  4. Semi regular parallel backup?

    cron job?
  5. you can also duplicate your DOPnet and disable everything related to vel since you copy it from the loweres sim eg: forces/buoyancy/vel advection/projection then just copy "compute turb","ramp turbscale","primary noise" from the gasUpres solver and you get a sparse upres. https://vimeo.com/388758247
  6. Ignition Temp Scale Field

    inside the GasCombustion DOP, have a look at the "temp_to_burn" node there is a "constant" parameter, that's where your ignition temperature goes. you'll have to replace that node with a custom wrangle for example...
  7. RBD concave thin wall collisions not detected

    you should watch this, it's still relevant: https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/h13-masterclass-bullet/
  8. RBD concave thin wall collisions not detected

    of cource, you're using volume collision (blue) that's not going to work. Bullet uses Packed primitives only.
  9. RBD concave thin wall collisions not detected

    you can use the name attribute to filter out objects to activate in the pop wrangle: eg: if your collider is named "collider" if(s@name!="collider"){ // activate the other pieces }
  10. RBD concave thin wall collisions not detected

    not sure what the dark blue object is but it should also be a convex packed primitive object.
  11. RBD concave thin wall collisions not detected

    I had a look at your HIP file, there was a few issues. - the left side of the body didn't have a name attribute, same of the new faces from the PolyExtrude - convex decomposition won't be consistent on animated geometry a much better way is to create all your pieces on frame 1 and pointdeform them to transfer the animation. for the activation, you can use a wrangle in DOPs and lookup your pointcloud directly. girl_fracture_05_convex_decomposition2.hiplc hope that makes sense.
  12. RBD concave thin wall collisions not detected

    You should use convex pieces with Bullet, the convex decomposition SOP can help with that. convex pieces are slow and (very) buggy.
  13. // simple drag v@vel*=clamp(1-chf("drag"),0,1);
  14. Render View Pause Button Key Shortcut

    you can do that with some Python on a shelf tool, and assign a keyboard shortcut: ipr=hou.ui.paneTabOfType(hou.paneTabType.IPRViewer) if ipr.isPaused(): ipr.resumeRender() else: ipr.pauseRender() also usefull, ipr.startRender() ipr.killRender()
  15. if-Else in vops

    you need to pass P through your if block if_else_sops_dops2.hipnc or use a wrangle, much simpler and cleaner. if(@ptnum>1444)@P.y+=3;