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  1. Alembic curves rendering - segmented ?

    on the /geo1 object, go to the Render tab/Geometry and turn on "Render Polygon Curves As Subdivision (Mantra)"
  2. Intestines/Guts with point relax

    have a look a this thread, that should help
  3. FLIP volume loss: water wheel

    Also don't expect FLIP to preserve volume, it just doesn't do that. The particles are added or removed based on the surface field - that's only a rough estimate and the volume loss becomes worse the more frames and/or substeps you have. This old masterclass explains some of the concepts of FLIP https://vimeo.com/15571778
  4. Easy way to animate material hue?

    there are 2 hscript functions: rbg() and hsv() if you open a textport, type: exhelp rgb
  5. FLIP volume loss: water wheel

  6. attribute from volume

    this is what I get in the mantra render, I even downloaded the file from the forum just in case. check that the file : /tmp/volume.bgeo.sc exists on disk.
  7. Remap noise color

    you can extract the Hue of the colors with rgbtohsv and plug that float value into a ramp check the attached HIP cop_remap_color.hiplc
  8. Pyro sparse and colored smoke, how is this?

    To get color with the sparse pyro, you'll need to source/resize/advect. source : Volume source: add Cd resize : Advanced/Resizing/Extra Fields: Cd advect : Advanced/Advection/Extra Fields: Cd check the attached hip file sparse_pyro_color_01.hiplc
  9. attribute from volume

    I attached a simple example you'll need to write the volume to disk so Mantra can sample it at render time. volumesample.hiplc
  10. attribute from volume

    you can use "volumeSample"
  11. https://entagma.com/guest-tutorial-looping-flower-petals/
  12. how to change HDA node color?

    node = hou.node('/obj/geo1/null1') node.setColor(hou.Color(1,0,0)) also you could have just googled: houdini set node color and clicked on the very first link
  13. I have it on 18.0.565, maybe you need to have the latest sidefx Labs installed?
  14. Javascript to Vex snippet

    what VEX code did you try?
  15. [SOLVED] Colored smoke turns dark

    in your volumerasterizeattributes3 node, set the voxel size to same as the other (0.05)