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  1. Noise variable viscosity

    I have a flip source in my hand and I want to lower the liquid source randomly according to different viscosity values. How can I get this effect?
  2. Cloud Offset Animation

    Hello, I have a cloud like a sphere in my hand. I want it to be shifted around in the x and z axis. It only adds the + motion of X and Z to the translation of the cloud. I want it to spread around.
  3. Flip And RBD Interection

    Hi; I set the cornflakes as rbd object, it falls into the bowl smoothly, I also adjusted my flip source in milk form. The animation works comfortably when I connect my dop connection to my stationary object, namely my bowl on my rbd package object and my liquid source, the liquid just splashes into the bowl and just pushes the cornflakes. So cornflakes behave like a static object on liquid. Toruses not in contact with liquid. Thank you for help torus_liquid.hip