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  1. Fire

    Heyya Juri, First of all, in your hip file... /obj/HallWay/file1 is missing, so i cant really work with your hallway geo. Second thing is, your scale is huge! are you aware of it? However, Fire simulations are sometimes a lot different than smoke ones and what you are trying to do has many ways of achieving it. Here is one, Temperature based simulation with some extra fuel on the "hallway" geomentry, i than call it with a sop_geo DOP, same as you did for the particles "N" normal, only this time i call "fuel" and pumping that into the fuel field - temperature based... All the rest is just tweaking of heat cooling time and burn amount, as well as turbulence and all the other fancy stuff Hope that helps, Cheers! Ronen. hallWayFireBurst_feedback.hipnc
  2. Houdini Dynamics Montage 2011_1

    Once you get the volume loaded to memory, rendering is actually pretty quick... 10-40 min for full frame things like shadow maps, scatting, and motion blur can take a bit longer though. Cheers!
  3. Houdini Dynamics Montage 2011_1

    Not to bad on a i7 with 12G, I would say they took around 2-4 hours lowers, 1-4 for upres.
  4. 'Here is a bunch of Flipbox and tests all together on vimeo' : Cheers, Ronen.
  5. Easy bounding box question

    You can either use the "bound" SOP for getting any Objects or Points Bounding, or the other option you have is using the Delete SOP and choose by "bounding Volume". you can also use VEX nodes "Bounding Box" and "Point in Bounding Box" Hope that helps, Cheers Ronen.
  6. SpryCans_Paintubes_And_Brushes.Work

    Hey EdwardBrian this is my work from 3 years ago where did you find this?
  7. Realtime environment simulation.

    Looks like its gonna be a fun one to play
  8. L-system plants

    Looking Great!
  9. FLIP Solver Tests

    Hey goldleaf, on the FLIP Solver under "Volume Motion" tab, and "Projection" Subtab. there is a "Sticky Fluid" option. Usually I turn off "Preserve Bubbles" when using it, also worth playing with the "Surface" tab Method and separation to get more viscous fluid like sims. Hope this is helping. Cheers, Ronen.
  10. FLIP Solver Tests

    Hi guys, Here is a bunch of simulation tests: Shot #1: 200,000 Particles. 24 Minutes per 240 Frames of Simulation time. 18 min of Surfacing time. Shot #2: 260,000 Particles. 43 Minutes per 180 Frames of Simulation time. 39 min Surfacing time. Shot #3: 150,000 Particles. Sticky Fluid is enable. 33 Minutes per 200 Frames of Simulation time. 20 min Surfacing time. Shot #4: 300,000 Particles. 24 Minutes per 70 Frames of Simulation time. 12 min Surfacing time. Shot #5: 340,000 Particles. 50 Minutes per 240 Frames of Simulation time. 39 min Surfacing time. Machine: 4 Cores Intel 2GHz each. 6G of RAM, Ubuntu 10 Linux 64 bit. Cheers. Ronen.
  11. Interesting info on volumes

    Great paper, very interesting! thanks for posting.
  12. Making mdd cache files work with RBDs

    Check out your Merge DOP and set it to Collide relationship, pay attention that by default left input will effect the right one. you can set it to mutual for both inputs to effect each other. Cheers!
  13. Transfer selection to pattern in sops group

    You should select your group in the viewport, press tab on top of the viewport region! (this will relates your selection to the node your about to add to your network) and select a group geometry node, This way Houdini should add a group node after the displayed node in your SOP network with the proper selection of points/prims/edges/or vertexs. Cheers!
  14. some particles tests

    Here Some more test! - Well this one was is 2 mill particles, I emit them from dynamic boxes that role towards the camera and with some smoke advection at the same sim. I attached the HIP for this one, if interested - This one is an Up-Res Smoke Advection, with turbulence and Vorticles, 3 Mill.Cheers -R BoxesInk_001.hip
  15. some particles tests

    True, my machine has 4G of RAM, and I run linux. In order to keep the geo files as small as I can I deleted all attributes as well besides pscale, Alpha, Cd, and v of curse! as well rendering it out as bgeo.gz which helps a lot! Although It seems like generating Depth-Map shadows is actually slower than the render it self for me, Ray-Trace might give slightly sharper results on the shadow but faster! I would love seeing such a tool as well Cheers, -R