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  1. Challenge 1: House Of Cards

    God, I love these forums. Congrats to the winners. Bilal
  2. Effects Challenges

    Hi all, I'm very new to this forum and houdini as well. The only 3D package I've ever worked with is Maya and my experience with effects and procedural stuff has been rather mediocre. Having been desperate to find challenging stuff to do, I decided to delve into houdini as well and I realized that I should have been on these forums ages ago. However, I'm quite excited to read this thread and I'm certainly looking to find new and interesting challenges in order to have something going on in my otherwise mediocre and monotonous career. Please stay alive and come up with something. I've read about the house of cards and I'm definitely gonna give it a try as soon as I manage to learn houdini just about enough to get going. Cheers