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  1. I'm trying to export a bunch of splines from Houdini to Cinema 4D as alembic, I have no problem transferring attributes from Houdini when it is polygons. But I can't find the Cd tag when I import the splines to Cinema 4D. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong or if it is even possible?
  2. .fbx will give me 'Cd' .gltf will give me 'Cd' renamed as COLOR_0 .abc gives me nothing.
  3. *.ABC gives me no attributes, FBX and GLTF only give me 'Cd'
  4. Can you tell me how you did this? I have not been able to get anything other than 'Cd' to transfer from Houdini to Blender, this would be a huge game changer for me.
  5. I am trying to export geometry from Houdini to Blender. If I export FBX then i get a 'Cd' vertex color, if I export GLTF the 'Cd' value gets renamed to COLOR_0 and the information is still there. I cannot seem to get any other attributes to transfer though. Anyone have any idea?