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  1. Extrude along Curve

    Yeah I was actually following that exact tutorial! But stopped at 1:20 because of the strange shape that gets extruded. Here is the hip file. curvy.hipnc
  2. Extrude along Curve

    Probably the mother of all dumb questions but how do I extrude along a curve properly? I've tried all the options I can think of in the polyextrude node.
  3. Auto-Rig Quadruped

    Any suggestions for learning quadruped rigs in Houdini? Are there any updates planned for H16?
  4. Auto-Rig Quadruped

    Hmmm that's strange! Here is a standard size box next to the cat. The shelf box comes in at 1x1x1 Meter correct? Could you explain what you mean by "don't use current auto rigs"? The only rig I can find is the auto quadruped rig.
  5. Auto-Rig Quadruped

    Where can I find more information about the quadruped rig in Houdini 15.5? Simple things like, adjusting number of toes/tail segments/spine segments. Even basic things like simply positioning the seem troublesome! Using the universal manipulator on some nodes reveals translate and manipulate handles but positioning with translate seems a bit off (can translate in x/y/z but not on a single axis.) Edit: Interesting, it looks like the small scale is causing problems for some reason. If Setting the scale to 0.003 (The model is a small cat) the translate handles don't work. At 0.004 they work. Is this just an issue with my computer?
  6. Attribute Transfer in solver

    Awesome, I appreciate the help!
  7. Attribute Transfer in solver

    So Previous Frame inside the solver = The 1st Input for the solver?
  8. How the heck does this work?! Within the solver is the attribute Transfer with "Previous Frame" in the left input and the Sphere in the right input. How does the solver know to transfer to the grid when it is not specified in the solver? Transfer_within_Solver.hipnc
  9. Houdini Help example files?

    The help appears but there are no examples at the bottom. I recently watched Jeff Wagners webinar and noticed the example files when he was demonstrating the scatter SOP.
  10. Where are the example files located? In the Scatter SOP help it says: "See the Door With Polka Dots example" http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/sop/scatter I can't locate the example anywhere.
  11. Attribute Interpolate?

    Excellent! Just needed to add "P" to the point attribute on the Interpolate node.
  12. Attribute Interpolate?

    I am trying to make the points stick to the surface of the geometry as it is deforming. Here is the file with both methods. interpolate.hipnc
  13. Attribute Interpolate?

    I thought that skipping the mountain SOP with the scatter was correct as well. But when I skip the mountain SOP the points don't move at all!
  14. How exactly does attribute interpolate work? I have the following network but when I change the mountain SOP the points jump all over the place! I've turned on Prim Num attribute and sourceprimuv attribute in the scatter SOP.
  15. I am getting the following error after downloading H11 "Installer integrity check has failed. Common causes include incomplete download and damaged media. Contact the installer's author to obtain a new copy. More information at: http://nsis.sf.net/NSIS_Error" I tried downloading it three times and also a 4th time from another PC (copying the file back to my main PC) and got the error all 4 times. I have recently installed a Geforce 460 but can't see how that would have made an impact, although I have heard something about a Nvidia firewall (??) I tried posting on sidefx forum but didn't get a response. I've been away for a while (cheers swann ) and would like to get back into it!