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  1. I want to make a sticky fluid like substance using the glue constraint in vellum grains, but is there a way to make the rest of the simulation behave something like a flip fluid. Does anyone have any ideas on how to accomplish this?
  2. Thank you so much! You fixed my problem. I'm still curious though, what is the point of setting activation to >1? Why did they make the UI for it a slider? It seems pointless.
  3. Flickering liquid mesh

    Try turning adaptivity to 0. The documentation says that adaptivity can cause the mesh to flicker if it is fluid with high viscosity. Are the particles flickering when they are supposed to stop moving? If that is the case, look in to how to make the particles sleep.
  4. The documentation is very unclear. In the vellum constraint DOP, it says that I can use the activation parameter to update constraints at a certain frame. When I set the creation frame parameter and activation parameter to the frame where I want my constraints to be updated, nothing happens. The only way I can get my constraints to update is if I set the "update constraints" parameter to "every frame", but I dont want my constraints to be updated every frame, I only want it updated once!
  5. Use the DOP import field SOP.
  6. Capture Layer Paint- Geometry Behind other Polys

    Use visibility SOP to hide primitives? Use the clip SOP?
  7. I fixed the problem, it was really stupid. I forgot to set the "create constraints" to "each frame" on the vellum constraints node.
  8. The reseeding tip solved a lot of my frustrations with flip. Thank you!
  9. show node information

    You can click the pin at the top left to keep it open, but I don't think you can dock it in the interface.
  10. Here is a very simple example of animating rest length. Just make sure you have the correct output group exported in the constraint and in the constraint property. AnimateRestLength.hip
  11. I'm trying to edit the vellum constraint densitiy inside a DOP network (via an attribute). It looks as if it is working because you can visually see the attribute change, but the simulation is unaffected. Nothing that I try seems to work, is it even possible to do? I attached my test (sorry it is a little bit messy) and an image of my DOP network. Thanks for reading. VellumAttributeTransfer.hip
  12. scale vellum / struts like rigid body

    Is it possible to only enlarge an attribute?
  13. Alright thanks, I was confused because the arnold shader network had both a volume and surface node.
  14. I'm trying to apply a surface and volume shader to a simple liquid (vdb) in htoa. It seems I can't do this without having two separate VDBs (one for the surface, one for the volume). Is there any way to have a shader in arnold with both volume and surface components or is this impossible?