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  1. Shader visibility in viewport

    Hi everyone, I'm mixing two cops in material builder using values from a point attribute, I tried to add opengl diffuse tag to have the material showing in the viewport, but I have two problems: - I can't see how to use the point attribute to mix the two textures (where am I supposed to apply the alpha/layer tag?) - The texture (cop) doesn't update in the viewport. any idea? Thanks for any help..
  2. Hi I'm trying to implement meshlabserver script in Houdini to process multiple pointcloud sequences with poisson reconstruction. I got it working with this code, that read a ply file (created upstream with a filecache sop) and output a new ply file temp_out_$F.ply after applying a meshlab script. Obviously the python sop passes to the next node the geo that receives form its input, which is the unprocessed -filecached- one. How can I clear the geometry and load the geo from the processed ply file (temp_out_$F.ply) inside the python sop? thanks for any kind of help! node = hou.pwd() geo = node.geometry() import os os.system('C:/Programmi/VCG/MeshLab/meshlabserver -i C:/temp_in.ply -o C:/temp_out_$F.ply -m vc -s C:/poisson_sa_da_base.mlx -l C:/log.txt' )
  3. UV cubic map procedurally

    Thanks Konstantin, that's amazing! For those who get some weird stretched uv, I solved by deleting any Normal attribute before feeding geo into vertex wrangler. Very basic but it took me a while to figure it out..
  4. Mesh repair Reconnect spare points

    Thank you Konstantin, so clever and so nice of you! you got me solved!
  5. Hi, I have a sequence of obj with unconnected points and missing faces, can anyone suggest the best way to restore it in houdini? prova5.obj
  6. Hi everyone, I'm trying to bake to texture a bunch of curves running along a surface. I'm wondering if someone can suggest a more effective solution than the rough one I've already figured it out. I basically made a color attribute transfer form the curves to a very high subdivided mesh, but the results I get are not clean at all and because of the very high subdivision level the system is prone to crashing. (Then I obviously proceeded with a bake texture rop). Am I on the right way? How to get smoother and less jagged lines? I attach a hip file (I turned down the subdivision to 3, I ran at 6) and some screenshot. Cheers curves to texture.hip