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  1. animation pyrofx

    hi everybody , problem solved the issue was in the fluid source motion blur panel. just cache the particles simulation first than play. TRAIL.hipnc
  2. animation pyrofx

    hi everybody , i have a problem with pyrofx smoke trail simulation, when it came in motion i have 2 shapes in trail. i will share the hip file ( houdini13). TRAIL.hipnc
  3. hi , there is a great blog and you can download the hip file also http://ihoudini.blogspot.ae/2011/07/deforming-rbds-2-again.html
  4. desert crash engine

    thank you Travis Miller for your comment. i'm agree with you . hope have time to modify. ..
  5. desert crash engine

    hi , i do many test for this project "crash engine". for dust fluid, rigid body and cloth simulation. hope you like it. https://vimeo.com/61522733
  6. crash engine

  7. change color after impact

    hi; i find a solution for this problem . and thank you to kleer http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_forum&Itemid=172&page=viewtopic&t=27997 impact_color_resolu.hipnc
  8. i think the first part of this tutorial can help you . you can make an animated cloud surrounds a planet.
  9. wall impact

    no its a pop solution.
  10. Creating controllable subtle dents

    may be this can help
  11. houdini renderfarm

    thank you szymon
  12. change color after impact

    hi, i use vopsop to control the color impact in ground. i just need the color take 2 frames after ground contact and return to black. how can do this in vopsop. thanks impact_color.hipnc
  13. houdini renderfarm

    thank you , the idea is how to setup a small local render farm. that s i need to know.