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  1. Hi guys! i am trying to fracture this packed geometry. but why are all the points mismatched on ground? anyone knows why?
  2. Hi i am making rbd simulation with using customized force field. problem is i couldn't aim that force to one point. my scene is a fractured road and i am trying to make fractured pieces to be attatched each other in the air! this is my force field. is there any better way? please help .. i am using houdini18
  3. thank you very much! i will try it right now :)) well its actually breaking two times. like one time at 12frame and one time at 90frame. hope it works!!!!
  4. oh thanks! should i use VEX on switch node?? otherwise, how does the node knows when to start..?
  5. can you please show me an example..? sorry for asking..
  6. by the way, isn't the node only available to use when it used with 'rbd material fracture node'?
  7. aw i don't use version 18. so i can't use it
  8. yes exactly !!!! i am making wall destruction. even before the breaking collision goes on, my wall already seems fractured..
  9. Hi. i am building rbd destruction simulations. i am trying to use Switch node to erase the frag line from fractured obj before rbd simulation started. what kind expression should i use with the node? or is there better way to erase those lines?
  10. How to create a group based on name?

    it worked with this way yay. thank you anim!!!!!!
  11. How to create a group based on name?

    thank you Spyrogif! i will use it :-) btw nice profile picture
  12. Hello I'm a beginner. I want to group those pieces if it's started with 'wh'. somehow it is all divided by numbers at the end. i guess i have to use VEX to organize all the pieces. please help me