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  1. Dot Generator

    Thank you! It's funny I was looking at your work 5 minutes ago, great stuff! Actually I wanted to upload the file but forgot... I've added it to my post! dot_generator.hiplc
  2. Dot Generator

    This is my first project with Houdini that feel like my own as I haven't used a specific tutorial to make it happen. It's basically a tool that scatter dots alongside curves to get a cool noisy hand drawn style. This image was made from hand drawn curves in Houdini: The nice thing about it is that the curves can easily be animated with a P attribute randomize, which give this result: Of course you can also feed images or videos with a Trace node. I got this result from an image by animating the threshold value of the node: Coming back to the first image, here is how the curves look like in the Draw Curve node for one of the tree: Then I created a grid and painted a density attribute alongside the middle: Then I sweep the grid alongside the curves, as you can see (in white) the density attributes is passed along: Then I scatter points based on that density attribute, so the majority of them are toward the center of the branches: Then I remap the density attribute to basically invert it's value and rename it to pscale. Finally I copy to points circles (actual geometry), and thanks to that pscale value the circles furthest from the curves tend to be bigger which I find give the best look: Some final notes: - I actually have 3 scatter system with 3 different grid size, this give more control over the end result and make the inherent CGI-ness of the scattering less obvious. - I've exported all the objects in the first image as alembic and did my render in Blender where I feel more at ease to do my layout. - Even though I think it look better in 2D, this effect can totally be done in 3D with this setup, here is how a squab look like in the viewport: Let me know what you think, critics are more than welcome, if someone has done something similar (and most likely a lot better!) I'd love to see it. dot_generator.hiplc