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  1. Particles from Houdini to Maya

    With vray the other solution is directly cache you particle in alembic and use vray proxy alembic in maya. It s read and render point as particles. For arnold directly cache in ass with good attribut name, and load the ass in maya Have fun
  2. divide with remove shared edge ?
  3. Minute Houdini Tips

    Thank you nice setup ! Have fun
  4. network locking files cache/render/ifds

    I think no the renderFarm is log with other account, but if that was the problem, why not on all frames ?
  5. Hi, I have a problem when I render over the network. We use deadline to submite ifds and I have some randomly error with frames (about 1/50) . After that frames are impossible to calculate. Sometimes is because the frame already exist and is lock, sometines is the ifd that is lock and can't be acess or sometines is the bgeo cache file itself that is lock. When I said "lock" i said on windows I can't read, rename, move, delete the file. I need to go on mac to delete the file. I don't know if the problem come from Houdini, or some lock system on server ... ??? I wan t do know if someone already had this kind of problem. thank you have fun,
  6. Moloch the short movie

    that look really nice ! congrats. Can you tell us what are the "good reason" to use cop ? have fun, Thomas
  7. Letterpress Skin

    sorry you need this otl too ... have fun pa_texPc.otl
  8. Dry Lights

    Thank you, For this type of project, landscape with procedural control of texture "inception" in multi scatter clarisse is reqlly powerfull. For example we scatter variation of spine on cactus, then scatter this "combine" object on terrain and next we can can control the emit light of each cactus and each spines. Really impressive and easy to use. Also clarisse can eat any numbers of polygons without any lod tricks or users intervention. The sound design was done by Thomas Vaquié without any use of chop, it s really impress me ! Have fun Thomas
  9. Dry Lights

    hi, I have the pleasure to present you Dry Lights directed by Xavier Chassaing, a good friend. This is an experimental film that was rendered on Clarisse (isotropix). As you may know in Clarisse you can't do much whitout database of assets. Most of them are procedurally generated in Houdini. - We created otls to generate any numbers of jusha tree, cactus, rocks, etc ... - The terrains are come from dem maps and then resample with help of vop/vdb (analyse curvature/slope/altitude/noise ... ) to add details. - the volumetric are generated and exported to vdb - we have made fluids simulations to drive some of the lighting effects specialy at the end and the waterfall sequence just sit in the dark then listen and watch Hope you like
  10. Letterpress Skin

    here the file, I never finish the asset but you have the concept. have fun texturePC.rar
  11. [Animated Short] Helga

    It s look really cool ! congratZ, Cant wait to see the short, when you release it ? Have fun Thomas
  12. Letterpress Skin

    Hi, You can also scatter some points on surface, and in rendertime generate uv around them with the help of pcOpen and some math. I not front of my computer but i will try find my file. Havd fun, Thomas
  13. TheDeerDance

    Hi, Some Images from an upcoming short film I'm directing with Sebastien Eballard and Dor Shamir. All is rendered in Mantra, we use Zbrush for modeling, and maya for animation. The snow and vegetation are procedurally created in houdini. For the fur I use blender to paint guides then some vopSop tweak to add details. hope you like. first compositing basic environement test for fur some details on cliff the snow is a volume and surface with custom flake shader on it base procedural snow drive by slope/curvature/proximity and different noise Have Fun
  14. Custom Set Project

    You can create any variable for your hip in alias/variables menu. Me I use $JOB set on maya project. The advantage to use this preexisting variable, is that you have directly acess to it in file browser as $ HIP. You can also create for example an $ACTORS set on assets etc ... Have fun Thomas
  15. Hi 1nd welcome to houdini you need to CAP your attribute : $TESTATTRIBUTE you can see how is map your attribut by right clicking on a node and look under detail Habe fun Thomas