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  1. It would be great to have a concept as Weights updated. Its UI so non-intuitive. It could be something like Multi range slider. For controllable and precise variables randomizations. I found some examples on the internet. Of course UI should be updated for higher amount of variables and in the Houdini logic realm. But the concept is the same - user friendly UI that allows user to randomize variables in a precise, visual way with as much as precision as possible. It is often so needed it the parametric setups. (top slider is what I'm referring to) (just one variable is changes in this ex. but the idea is the same)
  2. Hi everyone. I cannot find any information on how to get an attributes created during the previous iteration within For Loop with Feedback? One of the dilemma why when Single Pass is on and Pass is 1+n, I cannot see attributes created on points from previous iteration? I use Fetch Feedback as a data for previous operations. And Fetch Point as a single point extraction around which I want to perform operations on the current pass. I tried to extract the number of the current iteration with Metadata node and find ptnum based on it, but without success. So I use Fetch Point for that. I wanna to pass attributes from current itteration to the next one. And read preaviously created attributes in current pass. So the the attributes would interact throut itterations. I add test file. 4loop_ftb_test.hipnc Any tips or tricks? 4loop_ftb_test.hipnc
  3. Hi, As known Houdini makes hard tasks easy and easy tasks hard. So at first sight really simple task, but I cannot find a way to overcome it. The bridge that connects hole in ngon looks like it is somehow outer edge of a polygon. Maybe there is a way to some how fuse it or ignore such an inner edge during for example resampling? Fuse bridge that connects hole in ngon.hipnc
  4. Thank you so much Dennis! I hoped that there will be less mathematical approach. But oh well. I have one more question for you. Maybe you know any way how to restrict object to move only in given plane during the sim. For example only in xz and not in xyz?
  5. Hey there! I'm quite new in Houdini. I do not really like to ask questions, I rather tend to find answers by myself. But sometimes I hit the wall. This is the case I need your help guys. Im trying to make RBD sim in DOP NET with the simple spheres. My goal is to have variable scale and color of a sphere according to the noise. I manage to get color with POINT VOP in SOP SOLVER with MULTI SOLVER. But I stuck with the scale of a spheres. They inherit pscale from a GEO level. I would like to use pscale in DOP NET and manipulate it with the POINT VOP. Any ideas how to achieve it? I tried to make it with the particles, like in this tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXoSEnh94YQ&t=246s But particles tend to move erratically and not act like proper RBD. Balls on plane.hipnc
  6. Hey there! Old topic, but looks like errors still occur in Houdini 18. Any ideas how to fix it? Or how to restrict Polyextrude with the mask dependency in mind. So only max given value would be allowed, without error aka spikes.
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