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  1. copy uvs to points

    Hello I have a scenario where I am making a tree and I've created everything I need in terms of geo. I have a plant/leaf texture that I want to use and I'm looking to copy UVs of the leaves on the tree to specific points that line up to the texture map in a random fashion. The idea I have is to copy the uvs of the leaves that are already scattered around the tree but I want to utilize the texture map as a guide to copy the uvs to based on the points I've selected in the image below. That way the uvs line up to the textures that I will be using down the line. Thanks!
  2. Hello Everyone I am looking to set up a node network where I can bring in source and target meshes and bake my high res textures onto the low res mesh. I am currently unable to get this to function. I have a source and target mesh in my scene. I am applying a principledshader onto the source mesh and applying my texture onto it. I am using the bake texture node under the OUT context for the actual baking. The low res mesh is set up as UV object 1 and the high res object is the high res object. I am baking out as a UDIM.rat and I've chosen .exr as my file format. testBake.hipnc