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  1. Houdini custom Normals

    float r = radians ( 360 * rand ( @ptnum ) ); float x = 0; float z = 0; @N = set ( 0, 1, r); Thanks but the normals aren't random at a full 360 degrees and the normal size varies I need them no be uniform because I want them to drive the velocity of a pop simulation edit: sorry my line was not on the right axis (wrong up vector) it works Thanks
  2. I need help I newly started with Houdini and doesn't know hot vops and vex works and I want to create a line where the normals are pointing in a different direction while keeping a 90-degree angle to the line. I fount a tutorial on the internet which only make the normals point in a random direction but not in the 90-degree angle I tried to set the normal direction to zero with floats and stuff but it always results in vex errors. @N = sample_direction_uniform(rand(@ptnum)); rand nomrals.hip
  3. Primitive to particle Position

    Hello Im new to Houdini and want to make a simulation driven animation. I made an emitter to emit only one particle witch movements are driven by wind and gravity nodes. Now my problem i want to set an primitive like an sphere to the point where the particle is (the particle drives the motion) and simulate smoke from the primitive Could anyone help me out ? Thanks