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  1. Houdini Help example files?

    Thank you Graham, that did it.. Salut!
  2. Houdini Help example files?

    Hi everybody, Is the same here.. I cannot see anymore any .hip examples since we installed v 15.5 Any suggestions ?
  3. Trail sop in houdini engine

    Hiya thanks! Got the answer here https://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_forum&Itemid=172&page=viewtopic&t=41689 The trails SOP does depend on time, in effect. I've tried encapsulating the alembic file into the asset and it works..
  4. Hiya, I'm trying to develop an asset to be used in Maya with the Houdini engine. I did a simple test where I compute the velocity (from an alembic file) with a trail sop and pass the fitted length of the result to the Cd attribute of my input geo. It looks like I cannot get any velocity with the trail sop (under Maya, works perfectly in Houdini of course). Is there something that I set form the Maya side ? I've very little experience with it Thanks, cheers!
  5. I'm back on the job market, available now. Salut!
  6. limit speed on one axis id dops with popwrangler

    Cool! Thank you guys! Peace!
  7. Hi there, I'm trying to limit the velocity on my dop pieces with a popwrangler This does not work.. if abs(@v.z > 1) { @v.z = 1; } Anybody out there knows which variable I should use ? (i've tried many variations like v[2], velz, vel.z..) It would be wonderful to have a complete list of vex variables explained somewere... Thanks! Peace!
  8. :) Thank you man! For sure they squeezed a lot of particles out of me!
  9. Hi, just ended my latest tour to force in the north of the UK, I'm looking for a new "good war".. http://www.linkedin....094&trk=tab_pro Thank you for your time Salut!
  10. volumefromattrib and motionblur

    COOL Thank you very much, sir!
  11. volumefromattrib and motionblur

    Mmmh I think it's due to the fact that I need to transfer the v point attribute from the particle system to the vel primitive/volume attribute.. I've tried doing so using the name pop and transfering v with a point cloud vop.. Still no luck... Anybody played with that with success ? THANKS!!
  12. volumefromattrib and motionblur

    Hi all, I've a particle sim that I want to render as volumes; In order to do that I feed my pop network to a volumefromattr SOP passing $LIFE as the attribute. I then assign a billow smoke shader to my object. Everything works fine, but I cannot get any motionblur when rendering.. Any suggestion ? THANKS!
  13. point velocity collision

    Hi all, I've an animated object that collides with a bunch of rocks. I use point collision in conjuction with a trail sop to transfer the velocity to the rocks. The problem is that the collided rocks fly away with too much violence; what I'm trying to achieve it's that the rocks should only slide and gracefully fall away.. I've tried decreasing the velocity parameter on the trail sop, but in this way the rocks just pass through the colliding object. Also I've tried play with mass,drag,gravity but it doesn't look natural.. Basically I'm looking in a way to control the collision similar to that of the POP collision, with control over tagent/normal speed and behavoiours (like sliding,sticking..). Also even if the internal glue of the rock is set to -1 (never separate) the rocks instantly separates as soon as the collision happens.. I think is there something wrong with the geometry of the collision obj, since if I use a simple animated obj colliding with the rocks the glue acts properly.. Any suggestion will be appreciated!! Cheers