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  1. Mantra back to beauty

    Hello everyone, Im wonder if anyone has some successful methods of getting renders from Mantra and combining the passes back to beauty. We work with Vray and I have used renderman but for some reason I can not get renders from Mantra to combine back to match the beauty pass. let me know any techniques you use or passes necessary in any situation like volumes, SSS, normal basic scenes...Id really appreciate any light you can shine on this topic. Thanks Rob B
  2. Yeah Thank you VERY MUCH. This is awesome and totally unexpected. Now the last thing I need to learn is the Camera to Nuke export. I know people have successfully done it. If you know some good resources please post them.
  3. Yeah, it works great. Im soo excited for the null object export!!
  4. Did you write this? or get it from somewhere. Great job I wanted to thank you. Does anybody know like the other plugin how I can put placement goe and export to after effects to know where I would place the characters in 2.5d space. I know it made white planes with the exported geo and I just had to replace the layers and the characters where hitting their marks without feet sliding etc. thanks again!!
  5. Hello, I am coming from a maya workflow and like many people here just have come to find Houdini as the greatest thing ever. However I need to achieve a few things that I was doing in my old workflow. So I am doing some camera projection and mapping inside a 3D app and then exporting to either After Effects or Nuke/Fusion for compositing of 2D Characters. I need to import the Camera Data with Animation and a placement Geometry so i can find the proper positioning for the 2D Characters. this is so the ground does not slide underneath their feet. Now I have achieved this in maya-nuke and maya-after effects workflow using the MoCon_3_5_5 exporter. Please tell me there is an easy way to solve this in Houdini. I dont want to go back to maya PLEEEAASE NOOOOOO. lol