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  1. Divide SOP to create single point in Quads

    Usually I just unique the points and then scale each poly down to zero from its center point with Primitive Properties, followed by a Fuse. pointsFromPrims.hiplc
  2. New Color Schemes

    Hi @davidyannick Pane background color is DRKBASE in the .hcs file Path bar is probably PathGadgetGradHi and PathGadgetGradLow The timeline was one of the DopeSheet entries I believe Network editor background color is GraphBackground, which is found in the .inc files. The wire color should be GraphWire, again in the .inc file. Confusingly, the VOP graph wires are set in the .hcs files. Hope that helps
  3. karma xpu colors

    Karma XPU does not use VEX shaders like the Principled Shader. Behind the scenes your material is being translated to a simple USD Preview Surface. Instead you will want to use MaterialX nodes for XPU. You can bring in your point colors using the MaterialX USD Primvar Reader, with the primvar name set to displayColor.
  4. New Color Schemes

    Hi wudangzhenren, there are new properties for controlling those colors in the Houdini 19 color schemes. If you search the default .hcs files in the houdini install directory you will find new "Group" entries such as this: GroupBorder: DRKBORDER GroupHeader0: GREY(0.20) GroupHeaderTop0: GREY(0.20) GroupHeaderHi0: GREY(0.32) GroupHeaderHiTop0: GREY(0.32) GroupHeaderOpen0: GREY(0.31) GroupHeaderOpenTop0: GREY(0.31) GroupHeaderDisabled0: GREY(0.20) GroupHeaderDisabledTop0:GREY(0.20) GroupBody0: GREY(0.24) I am currently in the process of updating my color schemes for H19. For now, here is the updated Smoke theme. ST-NodeGraphSmoke.inc ST-Smoke.hcs
  5. MaterialX - Worleynoise3D  in Karma

    It's not there (yet). Houdini's MaterialX support very much looks like a 1-to-1 reference implementation (aside from things like added ramps) and Worley noise isn't currently in the MtlX spec. I mean it's there on paper but not actually implemented.
  6. Karma Houdini 19 matte object

    It's there under Shading > Holdout Mode
  7. dealing with open geometry

    Have you tried the Convex Decomposition SOP? It can close up holes, at the cost of sacrificing some of the original shape if you push too hard on Max Concavity.
  8. address behind the hip Project

    If you're in one of the Shot_* folders, ../abc will get you there.
  9. importing abc files

    By default the geometry is coming in as Alembic Delayed Load Primitives. Take a look at the "Load As" drop-down menu on either the File > Import > Alembic Scene dialog or the Alembic SOP. You can choose to unpack the geometry there.
  10. Subdivision render artifact

    The star-shaped subdivision is the expected result with your topology. To get rid of the visible shading "artifacts", select the large ngon in the center, append a PolyExtrude SOP and increase the Inset parameter a little bit. Increase the divisions to 2 as well. That will provide a sort of anchor where the sides meets the face and still give you rounding along those edge.
  11. New Color Schemes

    Hi @davidyannick The lines you'll want to tweak are: PRESSED_HIGH PRESSED_LOW SELECTION_BASE MenuSelectedBG
  12. ACES Rendering output

    In COPs you can use the OCIO Transform VOP inside a VOP COP2 Filter to convert images from ACEScg to srgb or rec709. The DMNK tools also provide a couple of convenient HDAs to streamline that: https://github.com/DominikLingenover/DMNK-Tools As far as external tools, PYCO is very nice: https://mrlixm.github.io/PYCO/standalone/ColorspaceConvert/home/
  13. I would guess the AMD system will be faster at everything, single-threaded and multi-threaded. The Xeons are probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 2.2-2.5GHz base and 3GHz boost, versus the 16-core TR CPUs which can be overclocked to around 4GHz all-core with adequate cooling. And that's setting aside architectural/generational differences and just looking at clock speeds. Also you can use ECC RAM with Threadripper (look at Unbuffered UDIMMs).
  14. It's possible that Pixar will implement their own output LOP (I believe RS and 3Delight already plan to) but for now I think you have to use a USD Render ROP LOP in conjunction with the Render Settings LOP.
  15. Redshift Render Settings Slow?

    Have you tried the automatic sampling in 3.0? You can enable it in the System tab.