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  1. New Color Schemes

    Hi everyone, At this link you'll find three new color schemes: Ash-Smoke-Soot.zip They are meant to be flatter and a bit more subtle compared to the standard themes. Smoke has similar values to the Houdini Dark theme, Soot is a bit darker and more desaturated, and Ash is a replacement for the Houdini Pro theme. Please let me know if you discover any usability issues or ugliness and I will do my best to update the file above. I'm 100% certain that I've overlooked some things... quite possibly obvious things.
  2. Redshift Proxy Workflow in Houdini

    Thanks for sharing, I'm sure that will save somebody a headache at some point.
  3. tilt-shift lens in houdini

    The Screen Window X/Y settings will do the trick, it just isn't represented properly in OpenGL if I remember correctly.
  4. Wip: Neurons :)

    Looking cool dyei, I like your neuron structures. I have a few suggestions for rendering: I would add some shallow depth of field to give the shot a small-scale look. Consider adding sub-surface scattering for a more organic look. This could alter the look drastically but, maybe experiment with an electron microscope kind of shader, where you have strong falloff on the edges. Regardless would add some complexity to the bump/displacement and make the lighting setup a bit more interesting. Cheers
  5. You can also use the Attribute Randomize SOP to create the pscale attribute, and it has some nice built in options.
  6. Highlight in viewport ?

    That's really bizarre. Does adjusting the viewport clipping planes in the display options do anything? 'd' in viewport, Viewport tab, Clipping options.
  7. Interesting blog post: https://www.chaosgroup.com/blog/what-does-the-new-nvidia-rtx-hardware-mean-for-ray-tracing-gpu-rendering-v-ray I know this is straight from a V-Ray developer, but somehow I'm still doubtful that it's actually proper NVLink on the GeForce RTX cards. Memory pooling definitely seems like a feature nvidia would use for up-selling to Quadro.
  8. New PC only for Houdini

    DDR4 only I'm afraid.
  9. My hang glider ran away

    You've got some great lighting there Rohan. The image has a lovely feeling to it.
  10. Does that shader have the "faux caustics" option? If so try enabling that.
  11. New eGPU for Macs

    A $300 card in a $400 enclosure...
  12. MOPs: Motion Graphics Operators for Houdini

    What a great set of tools. Thank you guys. Love the logo as well!
  13. Polyextrude question

    In the PolyExtrude SOP under the Extrude tab you can check Transform Extruded Front and change the Transform Space to Global. That will give you a plain world coordinate handle to extrude everything in a uniform direction. If you find yourself doing this type of extrusion a lot you can set these values as permanent defaults: Click the gear icon at the top right of the PolyExtrude SOPs parameter pane and select Save As Permanent Defaults.
  14. Simple Noiser

    Looks like it would definitely come in handy! Thanks for sharing Martin, I will give it a whirl later.
  15. Building a new station

    1) With Ryzen processors, memory speed can have an impact on render-times and overall CPU performance. Hard to say weather it's significant enough to spend extra money. I have a Threadripper with 3200MHz RAM, but I doubt it would be noticeably slower with 2933 or 3000. I think you're okay with 2400MHz and speed/capacity is something you can always upgrade down the line. 2) I would never get an AMD card for 3D work. 3) My Threadripper build was around $3,500, and still full of compromises. Have you considered the Threadripper 1900x though? I think it would be worth it to be on the X399 platform for upgrade-ability reasons. The mainstream Ryzen platforms limit you to only 64GB RAM and PCIe lanes/slots are limited.