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  1. Studio Workstation

    What Atom said, that amount of memory is inadequate for a workstation nowadays. Everything else looks okay,
  2. Houdini on AMD EPYC?

    Howdy, Is anyone running Houdini on an EPYC system, and if so, have you experienced any issues? I am thinking of the hard crashes that myself and others had with Core Performance Boost enabled on Threadripper machines. I don't know if that is still an issue with Zen2 Threadripper systems or if EPYC even uses the same clock boosting scheme.
  3. Redshift Volume Motion Blur need Help!

    This is a known issue with Redshift. As in, motion blur on volumes does something, but the results are not accurate. From what I understand the devs are working on updating the volume tech to add support for things like multi-scattering, so hopefully we'll see a fix for this as well.
  4. Anti-Aliasing setting in Redshift?

    The Min Samples, Max Samples and Threshold settings under Unified Sampling are your main AA controls. I would check out this tutorial on sampling in Redshift:
  5. Uncheck 'Match Normals with Terrain". The 'Random Up' slider allows you to add some randomness back in.
  6. Houdini Workstation

    They are a mix of Corsair coolers like the H115i I believe. Not a perfect solution as they don't cover the full heat spreader on Threadripper, but they perform well enough and last more than 6 months unlike the Enermax stuff. At home I use a Noctua NH-U14S air cooler.
  7. Houdini Workstation

    I would strongly advise against getting an Enermax cooler. We had three of the gen 1 coolers at the office and they all failed, picture related. Judging by the reviews on newegg, the gen 2 coolers aren't doing any better.
  8. I think the results look really excellent. Nice work!
  9. New Color Schemes

    @lepetitnono I spoke too soon. When you create a custom node color theme it will create a new file in your $HOME directory, for example named Custom_theme.nodecolors. Inside, the different node type are listed along with corresponding RGB values, and you can modify everything there. @CinnamonMetal Please try to temporarily rename your Houdini home directory so a fresh new preferences folder is created. Then go ahead and copy over the color theme files and see if the results are any different. Also be sure to update the #include line at the top of each .hcs file to point to the correct Houdini version. That won't affect the icon saturation issue, just network pane colors.
  10. New Color Schemes

    Apologies for the late replies. I looked in the config folder and I didn't notice anything that might allow you to change all node colors at once. When you say "scene after scene" do you mean that your icon color customization doesn't stick between Houdini sessions? @CinnamonMetal are you still having this issue? I'm not sure why that might be the case. The icon colors are being modified by four lines in the .hcs files. For Soot: // Color correction for the icons -------------------------------------------- IconBrightness: .85 IconContrast: 1 IconGamma: 1 IconSaturation: 0.3
  11. I've learned so much from all the classes and webinars, as well as his posts here and on the SideFX forums. Truly a superstar. Keep on rocking Jeff!
  12. New Color Schemes

    Hi lepetitnono, I'm glad you like the theme! Changing default node colors is done inside of Houdini: http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/network/organize#themes With your mouse over the network view hit 'd' to bring up the display options. Go to the Themes tab, click on the Default Node Colors drop down menu and duplicate one of the standard themes. Hit 'c' in network view to bring up your color palette. Ctrl drag and drop a color swatch onto your node. That color is now the default for that node type (geometry, light, camera, etc). You can right-click and add additional colors to the color palette. Hope that helps.
  13. New Color Schemes

    Hi David, 3DSceneColors.bw changes the color for the "Grey" viewport background (Viewport display options > Background > Color Scheme: Grey). Your Houdini install also includes 3DSceneColors.light and 3DSceneColors.dark for the Light and Dark viewport backgrounds, but they are not being modified by these themes.
  14. New machine in light of the upcoming Ryzen processors.

    People build their own workstations all the time without issues. A pre-built is a good way to spend twice as much money as you otherwise need to. Ryzen vs Threadripper for "high level Houdini work": Yes. You've kind of answered your own question there. You would be limiting yourself on expansion with the mainstream platform. Limited PCIe lanes, and limited memory capacity compared to x399. The new Ryzen processors may very well be competitive or even better than current TR processors, but it's kind of moot if you can't fit as many GPUs or as much RAM in your box as you would like.
  15. This is a great tutorial for candle flame. It's not in English, but easy enough to follow along. If I remember correctly the "Timescale" setting of your pyro sim is one of the most important parameters for getting away from that campfire look.