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  1. Grains point deform speed

    Hey all, I been messing with some grains and loving the speed but I ran into a slow down on the meshing side of things. I'm doing some wacky fractured objects so I am having to iterate over each piece and point deform them separately. Once you start working with upwards of 100 pieces the point deforms grind to a halt. I am hoping someone has a trick that would speed this up or point out the obvious mistakes in my workflow that will unleash the speed! grainsTest_v001.hip
  2. Redshift: .rs proxy of lights?

    Interesting, thanks for the info! It was not super clear in the redshift houdini docs that I was able to archive all the things in a RS proxy. It only mentioned " The Redshift ROP nod has - The tools to export objects or scenes as Redshift Proxy files."
  3. What are the benefits/applications to creating an .rs proxy of a light? I only ask because I did not realize I was creating an .rs proxy of my object and the light in my scene when I created my archive. I realize now that I just have to check on the "export only selected objects" and it will exclude the light. It would have saved me a few hours of digging if that was checked on by default. Thoughts?
  4. using instancefile with redshift?

    Thats great! I need to start postings over at redshift. @atom I just did a really quick test and it looks like the instancefile attribute takes priority over the instance attribute. So you shouldn't be getting duplicates.
  5. using instancefile with redshift?

    Hi Atom, I attached the solve. Unfotunatly .bgeo is not supported when using instancefile. @Sepu fix works as well. The .rs file takes the place of the .bgeo The key is in the OUT context. In the file attached I have separated out the steps. It seems like redshift has combine the rop for rendering and exporting their (proxy)geometry. So set up one rop to cache out the .rs file/s and another rop to render the image. I attempted to cache the .rs file with a ROP Output Driver but it did not work. There must be some magic behind the Redshift ROP. rs_instance_v002.hip
  6. using instancefile with redshift?

    solved... Just had to export the .rs proxy file from Redshift ROP > Archive tab. Now instancefile is working is working. Would be great if that was broken out like the Geometry ROP.
  7. Im just getting into redshift and I have been googling around try to figure out if using the instancefile att is possible. I would like to instance files off disk so that I can have control over the frame of the cache that I'm instancing. I set up this simple test scene so feel free to take a look and point out what I have missed. Thanks, Stephen rs_instance.hip
  8. F.E.M. stretch using constraints

    Sounds like what you are looking for is the "cloth attach constraint". You can find it on the cloth shelf as "attach to body", it will work with FEM.
  9. The Plan

    Set your RBD fractured objects "Group Mask" to read in just your pieces (in your case large_*). For your ground go to your RBD object under the Physical tab uncheck "Compute Mass" and set your "Mass" to 0 hope that helps -S
  10. My Reel

    Thanks! Ya I might try a bit more of a shadow on the building.
  11. My Reel

    Hi Odforce, I am just about finished up my study at Vancouver Film School. I am in a six month Houdini program under the instruction of Ray Corbett. I would like to share the work that I have been doing here with the community. You can see my reel at www.wagnervfx.com I guess ill give a short rundown of how I created each piece. The intro clouds are i3d volumetric renders, the tree is all procedurally created using l-systems, and the last piece is created with sprites and dynamics. I would like to thank the community for helping me create some of these pieces. Especially for those of you who have shared there knowledge of l-systems. I would also like to thank Ray Corbett, Mark Story, and the class of HD05 for all their help and guidance. Questions, comments, and crits welcome. Cheers, Stephen
  12. lsystem animation

    Fix it. ..kind of. For those of you who are interested. I just animated the generations of the other lsystems.
  13. lsystem animation

    The problem that I have run into is that as the tree grows the branches pop in instead of for lack of a better word lsys_smalltree.hip SEW_elsystem.otl
  14. Camera Projection tutorial fixed.

    Awesome! Thanks Symbolic can't wait to give it a read.
  15. Effects Animation Reel

    Nice work symbolic! Link in also not working for me