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  1. Render Path + AOV Path Expression

    Hi there, Just in case this old topic could still help someone: The Redshift documentation states: "The Redshift ROP has an additional variable “$AOV” that can be used to set the AOV suffix name in the output image file name. If this variable is not found, the plugin appends the AOV suffix to the end of the file name, just before the file type extension." So to get your AOVs sequences with numbers after their name, you have to set the AOV formatting in the Common file prefix field (ie main render output) instead of the AOV custom file prefix field. The default behavior was intended for multilayer files. So using $JOB/renders/filename.$AOV.$F4.png would save both filename.1000.png as the main render and filename.puzzleMatte.1000.png for a puzzleMatte for example. - Olivier