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  1. Points and Groups

    Ok...Im kinda getting the feeling im being the biggest dumb ass! Each point has a class perameter defining what group it is a member of! Oh dear. I think i will take a few moments to decide which window i might jump out of! lol Thanks muchly for jogging that thought!
  2. Points and Groups

    Hi ya, Yes thats right.
  3. Points and Groups

    Hi ya, I have been looking at expressions with reference to finding out what group a point belongsto but it appears that one does not exist? There appears to be functions that return a list of points within a given group however i am looking to do the opposite. I have lots of groups with 8 points in each. I am looking to pick a random point and determine which group is in it. One ive determined which group it is in i want to colour all the points in that group a particular colour. Does a function exist to return a group name based on a point? Alternatively its there a more efficient way of me umanipulating my individual voxel cubes? Hope some one can help. Many thanks vox.hipnc
  4. Texturing Implicit Surfaces

    Hi to every one at odforce! I Have been working on an erosion project and as the end is in sight I am finding it a bit of a head ache in devising a method of texturing the ISO surface. Ok so I need to find a way of texturing my implicit surface so to look exactly like the original geometry on the surface. It this possible with an off the shelf copy of Houdini? Any advice to what tools I should look at would be most help full. Thank You!
  5. VOPs conditional statement help

    Ok ive now fixed the problem by converting colour vector to a float. Thanks anyhow
  6. VOPs conditional statement help

    Hi All, I have been setting up a VOP network and am having trouble with a conditional statement and i keep getting an error. This is my first VOP net and the logic seems right but it wont cook. My statement should go: FOR number of points DO { get position of a point coloured red calculate the distance between current point and red point IF point within user radius AND colour != red THEN set point blue ELSE dont change point colour } DONE The idea is that a point will be coloured blue if it is within a certain radius of a red point. Its just seems to bee the comparison that is the problem. Many thanks and your help is greatly appriciated
  7. Working with Levelsets

    Hi Jason, Thanks for your response. Yeah I had noticed that DOPs done some really koul stuff with SDF! Well thanks for he advice and ive managed to get some half decent stuff working with volumeMix. My plans are to maybe generate some curves over the surface and spawn particles over them using the vol mix to subtract their volume from the initial geo. I just need a way to generate some decent noise and irregularity. Well, we'll see what happens. Thanks again
  8. Working with Levelsets

    Hi Ya and thanks for your replies, Well I had been playing with the erode and dilate params, however I found that it erodes the surface in a uniform way. I was looking to have patches of the object erode non uniformly about an arbitrary number concentric points on the surface. The erosion would eat ALONG and INTO the surface so I was looking to have some kind of access to data representing the volume. I could then manipulate the data in a flexible and efficient way to remove, translate etc parts of the volume. I have been looking at an article by sony imagework on how they eroded the sandman and wanted to utilize houdini to do a similar thing. (See attached article, section 3). I know sony developed a hell of a lot of tools to asist them in the production however I would like to see how far I can push an off the shelf copy of houdini with existing operators. Many thanks. Ferreira_Levelsets_2007.pdf
  9. Applying Forces to Paricles

    Koul thread. Thanks for the tip stevenong! Dam people are helpful on this site
  10. Applying Forces to Paricles

    Thanks for the insight Admira. I will look the network for ideas!
  11. Working with Levelsets

    Hi to you all I have created a SDF Volume and am looking to manipulate the levelset data in order to erode the object. I cant seem to veiw any of this data so obviously modifying it is a problem. Any advice would be a big help as this is all new to me!? Big thanks in advanced!
  12. Applying Forces to Paricles

    Thank you for the response. HIP would be interesting to look at : )
  13. Automated Alpha Maps

    Thank you for your time
  14. Automated Alpha Maps

    Hi ya, Yeah I did try that and the diffuse works fine, however the alpha doesnt seem to have any effect. : ( for_eetu.rar
  15. Automated Alpha Maps

    Hey eetu, I need to use the image generated in cops as an alpha but cant seem to get an alpa channel using your setup. Also the material seems to be repeating on every face? I dont quite understand why I cant just use a vex layered surface? urrrg