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  1. Exporting UDIMs

    Hi, thank you but this exports the UV layout as a texture. What I am looking for is exporting textures that are connected to the imported mesh as UDIMS.
  2. How to run python script node?

    ohh, that's the thing. The viewport! It works now. Thanks a lot!
  3. How to run python script node?

    Hmm, that's exactly what I did and it is not doing anything. Houdini v18.5.408 Check the file here please if the setup is the same as you have. python_script.hiplc
  4. How to run python script node?

    I must do something wrong because that doesn't work for me yet. I've just started with python. The reason I am doing this is that I want to know how it works and if it works. And the Varomix in his tutorial "Bites of Python" has a python node where he has written something simple and it is printed in the console after he hit ctrl+enter but that doesn't work for me. So right now it is just a check on how to make it work before I start to do something more complex like manipulating geometry. And I am stressed out that it doesn't work rightat the start...
  5. How to run python script node?

    But that still doesn't execute the code in the shell. Only when I put it directly into it or only if I use the Source Editor. Does the ctrl+enter work for you?
  6. How to run python script node?

    Hi guys, a noob question here but I cannot continue without this and can't figure it out either. How to run a python node? A guy in tutorial said ctrl+enter but that doesn't work for me and nothing happens in python shell.
  7. Exporting UDIMs

    Hi guys, I am creating an HDA where you put the mesh and textures. What it does is that it saves those files to disk with proper names basically. However, the problem is when the texture has UDIMs. I can't find a way how to export UDIMs from Houdini. Right now the export is happening in COP network which doesn't support UDIMs, only sequences. Is there any way how to export UDIM textures like the baker does but without baking them? Just reexport/renaming? Thank you
  8. Fuse edge to generate center line

    Great guys, thanks a lot for the awesome tips. I used the combination of them and it works fine for now.
  9. Fuse edge to generate center line

    Hi guys, does anyone know if in Houdini is an option to fuse points in poly extrude to generate center line as I show in the gif below? Or how could we generate a center line in such a geometry? I need to do it to generate neon light in the center of the letter.
  10. Solaris Physics

    That works great, thanks a lot!
  11. Solaris Physics

    Hi guys, does anyone know how to set up the solaris physics simulation for layout to be able put geometry inside another geometry? I tried to compute again the simulation proxy but it doesn't work. They show in the Solaris that it's possible so I am confused how to do it. Here is a gif image to better describe the situation.