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  1. Hi all, we just got a wiki for touch designer, and even though touch and Houdini are developing in very different directions, there's still a lot both have in common. So instead or rewriting everything I was wondering if I could get permissions to copy some of the odwiki content to the wiki for Houdini's little brother? Would that be OK with everyone? Thanks Achim
  2. Lookat In Chops

    Thank a lot! Achim
  3. Lookat In Chops

    I have two sets of transformation channels for two seperate Objects. Now I need a way to create rotation channels for ObjectA, so that it looks at Object B Can I calculate this in entirely in CHOPs? Thanks Achim
  4. Maya To Houdini Roadtrip

    Probably not much help, but have you seen this PDF.
  5. E3

    These are also some very interesting papers about precomputed radiance transfer, two of them using wavelets instead of spherical harmonics. Hope there will be some new stuff regarding PRT on this years siggraph. All-Frequency Shadows Using Non-linear Wavelet Lighting Approximation Triple Product Wavelet Integrals for All-Frequency Relighting Precomputed Local Radiance Transfer for Real-Time Lighting Design Achim
  6. Looking Ahead In Event Chops?

    If I understood you right, this should work as expected. If you want to look further ahead, change the post add value in the math1 chop. Hope this gets you started Achim next2.hipnc
  7. I3d From .tiff

    maybe you can find some interesting data here
  8. I3d From .tiff

    I had good results with an little export script I wrote for ImageJ. It writes out a .geo file which you can then convert to I3D. It was an ugly script, but for the small test it worked fine. If your interested I can try to find and upload it this weekend. Cheers Achim
  9. Adding Curve Points In Hda

    That's what I'm doing right now, and it works pretty well.
  10. Adding Curve Points In Hda

    But I can have refine sops in an asset as well, and it doesn't change the definition, just the point count. It's the same in this case. I could also promote the curve defintion string to the asset level and change the curve there, which also would not change it's definition. Like arctor said, "unless you build in something that allows a changing point count..."
  11. Adding Curve Points In Hda

    this is what I'm doing now, but after discovering the handle promotion stuff (from the same post peliosis just mentioned), I was hoping to get the "add point" handle as well Seems like I have to stick with my current solution
  12. Hi I got an object HDA and burried deep inside is a curve sop. I can export Handle to Type Properties and edit the curve at the obj level, but this does not include the ability to add points by SHIFT clicking on the curve. Is there a way to promote the ability to add points to the top level of an Object HDA? Thanks Achim
  13. $obj When Applying Shader At The Sop Level

    Thanks guys, in order for opname() to work, I have "store" my shaders inside an shop network in my current object. This will do it for now, though it would be much more elegant if I could keep my shaders at a different location, as they may be used for multiple objects. If I do it as above, then I'll end up with multiple instances of the shader in each object. That's why I think $OBJ at the sop level would be much more elegant. Any other ideas?
  14. Basicly I need to apply several shaders at the sop level which all reference the same pointcloud, the name of the pointcloud is based on the name of the object, therefore I though I could use $OBJ in the filepath for the pointcloud. But it seems like $OBJ only gets filled when I apply the shader at the object level. Is there a similar variable which gets applied when specifying the shader at the sop level. Thanks Achim