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  1. This works in the python console >>>xx = hou.parm('/obj/pathto/my_key_value_parm') >>>xx.set({'example_key':'example_val'}) Yet If I right click on the key_value parameter - Edit Expression - Change Language to Python and enter the following mydict = {'ex_k': 'ex_v'} return mydict No value is shown in the UI, and I get an error Warning: Bad parameter reference: /obj/pathto/my_key_value_parm. HouFX 19.5
  2. As usual, I search for hours and find nothing. Then just after posting I find this TLDR for future visitors add a ";&" to the end of your env vars or it will not append the existing ones.
  3. I'm trying to move a bunch of my custom tab tools to my own .shelf file that exists outside of the houdini installation areas. This should hopefully make setup on new machines/versions of Houdini much easier. I have saved a adam.shelf file in C:/outside/toolbar I've tried a few approaches to get Houdini to read these shelves on startup. Firstly I added the following to houdini.env HOUDINI_TOOLBAR_PATH = $HH/toolbar;C:/outside/toolbar Although this works, it caused the SideFXLabs toolbar to not register (the shelf was there but the tool buttons had disappeared) I guess I'm removing the SideFXLabs toolbar path with the above entry?? So the next approach is to append the paths in 123.py, however the existing value of HOUDINI_TOOLBAR_PATH is None! Anyway I add all the paths and try to hard code the SideFXLab path (I DONT LIKE DOING THIS). In 123.py # ADD CUSTOM SHELVES FROM _houdini_ shelf_paths = [ "$HH/toolbar", # existing path is always NONE!? "C:/Users/me/Documents/houdini19.0/SideFXLabs/19.0.657/SideFXLabs19.0/toolbar", # existing path is NONE!? "C:/outside/toolbar" ] existing_shelf_path = hou.getenv("HOUDINI_TOOLBAR_PATH") print("Existing HOUDINI_TOOLBAR_PATH: ", existing_shelf_path) if existing_shelf_path is not None: shelf_paths.append(existing_shelf_path) shelf_string = ';'.join(shelf_paths) print("shelf_string: ", shelf_string) hou.putenv("HOUDINI_TOOLBAR_PATH", shelf_string) The result was the same, All default toolbars and My toolbar work, but the SideFXLabs toolbar does not Is there a better approach to keeping my tools separate from the default.shelf ?? Particularly keeping them in an outside directory, so that all my custom stuff is more portable? Thanks.
  4. Cryptomatte Node doesn't allow selection

    Sorry.. 18.0.46 FX I rendered the cryptomattes using a mantra out node. I think I may of discovered what the problem is. I tried re-rendering the cryptomattes with the lights OFF to make them render quickly. Even though the mattes were visible it appears maybe the mettadata was missing. A quick re-render of a single frame with the lights ON and the mettadata came back. Rendering the entire sequence now with lights on.
  5. I have rendered a cryptomatte sequence. I import the sequence with a file node, I can see the different coloured mattes. I connect that to a cryptomatte node so that I can choose different mattes. With the Cryptomatte node active Left clicking on layer within the composite view does not add it to the matte selection. What could I be doing wrong? Is there a way to check if cryptomatte data is missing something?, surely If I can see the sequence and different coloured mattes its fine?
  6. I'm trying to display the code from a Wrangle or Python node in a string attribute of another (null) node. I've tried copying relative references to the wrangle snipit, I've tried various combinations of .eval() without much luck. Thanks in advance
  7. That copy node was just one of the many attempts I made at trying to consolidate the information into the detail attribute, I shouldn't of posted it in the picture. On the first pass of the loop I get the following prims [0, 2, 6, 9, 10, 12]. Second pass gives me an empty array (this is expected) Third pass gives me [3, 4, 5, 15, 16, 23, 32, 68] I want to exit the loop with the detail array having [0, 2, 6, 9, 10 12, 3, 4, 5, 15, 16, 23, 32, 68], but it only ever has [3, 4, 5, 15, 16, 23, 32, 68]. I simplified the case using the expandprimgroup function and tried both a detail and primitive loop. The primitive numbers (and geometry) are changed on the right hand side of the graph, that is why I copy back them back to the left hand side. I have worked out a way to get it working. I simply record the current primitive number as a primitive attribute and then later copy it back to a detail attribute. Update. This got it working. Turns out that each time the loop inputs with the per piece it clobbers the detail attrib. A second loop input with feedback retains attribute. Thanks for helping
  8. Hi. I have a for each loop (looping over path) that reads primgroup details. If a prim is found to be part of a particular group I store the prim number in a string array detail attribute using setdetailattrib - append. The string array is declared before the loop begins. I have checked each iteration of the loop using single pass and the values are being generated correctly (per loop). I don't seem to be able to accumulate the values of the loop in the detail attribute. It will only remember the last iteration of the loop. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance.