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  1. 3delight shaders in houdini

    I've solved the issue...I was having some problems with some missing variables that I needed to add...
  2. 3delight shaders in houdini

    omg that's it. I didn't even tought of this. Now it works. One single question I have. How can I make the renderman framebuffer render in MPlay? I didn't quite understood the procedure with proto install. ??? Thanks in advance!
  3. 3delight shaders in houdini

    Hi. I wanted to start learning 3Delight with Houdini and I have problems getting the shaders into Houdini. I have set my environment variables right, I think. Either editing the Houdini.env file or in the Windows enironment variables I've added HOUDINI_DEFAULT_RIB_RENDERER=3Delight9.0 HOUDINI_VIEW_RMAN=renderdl HOUDINI_RI_SHADERPATH=C:\Program Files\3Delight\shaders Then I tried to import the 3Delight shaders by importing the shaders.otl from the 3Delight shaders folders. The otl seems to load but I can't see the shaders in shop context. I tried also replacing the hrmanshader.C in the public folder with the one from this thread http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_forum&Itemid=172&page=viewtopic&t=6444&highlight=3delight with no succes. Am I doing something wrong or there is another way to get this working? I'm quite noob with renderman renderers so please help. Thanks !
  4. UberShader

    I am wondering how this shader compares with the new ubershader (mantra surface - all purpose shader) in the new Houdini 11. I'm not so experienced with shaders...so which one is beetter?
  5. constrain problem

    I think it's very ok. It's what I was looking for. The gun and the turret should not spin over and over like in real world, but it's just about the principle, so I was not interested in that. The perfect aiming tough it's very realworld like. Nowadays there are systems that can aim a target while still moving freely on the terrain. That is what I was trying to achieve. I see you used Objects CHOPs whitch I didn't knew how to work with. But that solved the problem. Anyway it's a bit more complex than I expected. When I first started I thought it would be easier. Many thanks. If anyone could make it in some other way I would appreciate. Thank you !
  6. constrain problem

    exactly ! The capsule object should not only follow the box object but it should stay on the top face of the box and rotate around Y ( perpendicular to that face) while still aiming at the target.
  7. constrain problem

    Hi guys ! I have a problem with a geometry that I don't know how to make it stick onto another, along the animation. The objects are not aligned when moving. You will see what I mean. I attached a hip file as example. Thank you ! constrain_problem.hipnc
  8. "look at" problem

    Hi people ! I'm looking for a tube to follow a cube, so I'm using the look at option in the tube parameters. And I set the pivot position to be on the bottom of the tube so it rotates from one end. But when I move the cube the rotation "follow action" happens around the tube center not his pivot I want. Why does this not work the way it should ? Here is a file: look_at.hipnc
  9. extrude offset problem

    yeap, you're right ! I haven't spoted the inset....I knew that it was there...I remember I used it sometime...but now I forgot about it. Thank you !
  10. extrude offset problem

    Hi ! Is there anyway to extrude with an even distance from every contour edge. The picture below shows the actual problem I have. Those distances are not even as I want them. I want a equal b and x equal y. Thank you !
  11. cmivfx procedural modeling issue

    Thank you !
  12. cmivfx procedural modeling issue

    Hi Petz ! I looked over your file and I can say that all your variations are very cool (the most elegant avoidance of the creep issue is the second one, with the box copied over the points of a line except the last one...very clever...I didn't tought of that) and I like the third with the fuse applied after the creep sop. But the reason for my reply is that I don't understand the behaviour of the Point SOP on variation 1. I could see that the normal of the Facet SOP before are facing perpendicular to the caterpillar plane. But when Point SOP comes in, the whole thing changes. The normals I mean. I don't understand why and the expression of the Add Normal "$TX-point(opinputpath(".", 0), $PT - 1, "P", 0)". So please explain me this expression. I understand the expression of the Add Vector, because I searched all the documentation. But I don't understand how the data is processed through the Point SOP and in whitch order. One last thing: the string attributes like P, or Pw, or N are a standard to use, like pre-made? So when I use "N" I'm refering to the normals? Are there other attributes like such P, Pw, N ? Because I didn't found any mention of those in the documentation. If there are I would like to know them at least. Thank you very much !
  13. cmivfx procedural modeling issue

    wow ...I'm stunned...I just looked at your file Petz and on the first look I can barely understand something right now...but it's really WORKING.That's all that matters. I guess I'm too tired right now, so tomorrow I will digg and try to find out the use of all those expressions and how you put it all together. Hope I can track it down and understand the solution/s you made. Thank you very much Petz for your time. Hope I won't bother you again with my questions. Many thanks !
  14. cmivfx procedural modeling issue

    Hi Marc ! The purpouse here was that besides the creep union prpblem seen in the image the hole parts should roatate like a catterpillar of a tank. The carve SOP as far as I know breakes the continuous path of a curve or tube ar whatever surface that is a belt. I'm tryin to solve both the issue in the image and the roll one.
  15. cmivfx procedural modeling issue

    or maybe is there anyway to keep your setups whitch all are good, but for the animation of the caterpillar roll to animate the points on the path, changing/animating their order so the parts sould follow the new points (but in this case the roll could not be seen, and it is steppy / blocky. The best way would be to animate the roll of the points on the path curve but I don't know how. I say this in the case that creep variation would not work finally. Meanwhile I will keep it like you see it in the attachment, but with the small creep problem, while trying to solve it otherway.