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  1. wild card refresh

    thanks , it seems logical now you wrote that ^^ I was afraid of something like that.
  2. wild card refresh

    Hi everyone . here is my problem : I have an objectMerge sop with : "/obj/null_*/point1" in the objpath parameter. It works fine, and returns all the null objects called null_1, null_2 and so on. But if I add a null object, and name it right. I have to bypass and unbypass the objectMerge node for it to consider the new null node. Does anybody have a clue on how to go around that ?
  3. "flipping" rotation problem

    Hi, Yes indeed, it works better now . I am still a little confused by quaternions, but I guess I'll have to play around with them to get more confortable with their use. Anyway, thanks a LOT for your help
  4. "flipping" rotation problem

    Hi, thank you for answering. it seems to be a little better, but can still see some strange rotations on severals circles. And I must admit I don't fully understand what you did with these vops. I never played with quaternions. They scare me a little ! But I really would like to find a solution to this recuring problem I have. and quaternions might be the right answer, as scary as they may be ^^ thank again
  5. Hello, I am having a problem with some flipping rotations when I copy geometry on some deforming points. No matter where the normal vector is pointing, it seems I can't avoid the problem. I attached my hip file. hoping someone can point me in the right direction lsystem_test_01.hipnc
  6. Cvex instead of polywire

    Thanks symek ^^ good infos there. So , as far as I understand, I would need to build a plugin running some cvex code, to be able to get my wires a render time ? I guess HDK would be involved in that case ?
  7. Cvex instead of polywire

    I guess it's not as simple as I thought ... I am not even sure I understand what cvex does at all ^^
  8. Ocean evaluate - render issues

    Hello, I tried to render frame 7 , mantra crashed . Then I deactivated the noise displacement. it rendered fine. I reactivated noise diplacement and changed the noise type to Perlin Noise. It seems to render fine ( at least frame 7 ) ... Maybe it can help
  9. Hi everyone, I was wondering if it is possible to "polywire" a set of curves at render time using cvex. I tried to use the fur procedural shader, I have a simple cvex shader for the guides, with just a parameter for width. And it renders nothing. Do I have to fill in every parameters of the fur procedural ? ( i am pretty sure it's not a good approach ... ) Or is there a simpler set up to do that ?
  10. thank you old school. It's clearer now why I couldn't get those extra planes. Regarding the "RGB" solution, I will definitely try this, it could be a very elegant plan B. Thank you for that
  11. Hello everyone, I have a simple volume object, with a pyro shader applied to it. I then add to simple lights with shadow map. Everything renders fine. But now I would like to to export each light influence separatly. When I create extra image planes to do that, I can't get what I need : I have tried : direct_diffuse, direct_volume, smoke_color, and a bunch of other variables .... and still nothing. Is there a way to get extra image planes with separate light infuence ? I hope I'am clear
  12. Dirt Effect

    Hello, check this post, I had the same demand some time ago http://forums.odforce.net/index.php?/topic/13780-reproduce-vray-invert-normal-option-for-occlusion/page__p__85687entry85687 cheers
  13. Houdini FLIP Fluids Cherry Drop

    nice already
  14. Unstable wire sim in H12

    Hello again. In my example, simulation is only applied to lsystem skeletons, and it still explodes with 6 generations. I really can't figure that one out. Is it a bug ? or am I missing something with attributes or the wiresolver/wireobject parameters ? lsystem_wire_dynamic.hipnc
  15. Unstable wire sim in H12

    I did not try to load your hip file, but I experienced the same problem : I tried putting a lsystem through a wire solver. With 5 generations or less, simulation is pretty stable, but it "explodes" a soon I reach 6 generations on the lsystem node. Like in your case, simulation runs fine for the first few frames, and then it goes crazy ... I tried almost everything : with or without constraints, wind, no wind, several physical parameters, elasticity parameters ...; nothing works, it always explodes. weirder thing is it never crashes on the same frame every time I run the simulation If somebody has a clue about what's happening there, I'd be glad to hear it