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  1. Houdini 18 Arnold and Renderman Env.

    @cirakcemal it works until you need to add rendermans spare parameters to objects any solution?anybody? i found a solution for this https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/80481/ just in case anyone have the same problem
  2. rotate flip pump source

    this no longer works in H18 missing fields error
  3. per-particle radius scale for flip fluid simulation?

    Hi ben could you be more specific what you did there? maybe even with a hip files i can look at? my flip is acting like it disregards per particle pscale.... thx Patar
  4. FX TD/Artist

    http://www.mediafire.com/file/jrfumw98xl189fi/RBD_Explosion_liquid.mov new test...
  5. FX TD/Artist

    Hi my name is Patar, Im FX TD/Artist i used to work as VFX supervisor for "infinite Studios Batam" doing several 3D TV serial and Feature Films. I look for new opportunities for remote work or full time(any place in the world). heres a few sample of my latest work http://www.mediafire.com/file/ostqwgb527u8bca/combinedNew.mov or Here also i attach my CV if theres any further uestion please dont hesitate to ask my email is patar3d@gmail.com ph:+62-87878516275 Best regards Patar PatarFerryChristianPardameanNapitupulu4.pdf
  6. crowd shot (houdini + maya)

    hi this is a crowd shot i did for movie "Dibawah Lindungan Kaabah" it was done using both houdini and maya (for rendering we used vray for maya). best regards Patar3d
  7. Hi, this is my general 3d and VFX demo reel

    i just upload the breakdown to vimeo heres the link: http://vimeo.com/3754924 regards Patar
  8. Hi, this is my general 3d and VFX demo reel

    truly sorry about this but the youtube is fine i just tried it im sorry about the vimeo one its set not to share with anyone but now its fixed... can u please try now? about the rar its actually a file that was sent to lucasfilm singapore HR some weeks ago and when aracid ask for a breakdown i remembered that i upload it once somewhere so i just give u that link any sugestion on where to upload? i tried to attached it wont let me attached file bigger than 16 mb, then i tried to use split zip it doesn't allow me to attach file with .z01 extension sory for the inconvenient regards Patar
  9. Hi, this is my general 3d and VFX demo reel

    hi, its quicktime, almost all ppl in this industry already has quicktime installed and with rapidshare and youtube u dont have to register to download, at least im not archivers because it can have password... so that only ppl that i want to share can open it BTW the password for the rar is: vfx regards Patar
  10. Hi, this is my general 3d and VFX demo reel

    thx man this is my reel with scene breakdown http://rapidshare.com/files/193332133/reel..._and_resume.rar regards Patar
  11. Hi, this is my general 3d and VFX demo reel

    hires version : http://vimeo.com/3652907 bottom right link regards patar
  12. Hi, this is my general 3d and VFX demo reel

    ow yes of coz... any comment are welcome...is it good, bad or ugly it'll help me build a better demo reel regards Patar
  13. Hi, this is my general 3d and VFX demo reel looking for work freelance,contract or permanent maybe somewhere in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia curently freelancing in Jakarta, Indonesia. VFX related job i was employed in "Infinite Studios Framework" doing their "Sing to the dawn" as a VFX and technical Supervisor email me if u need my resume, or just wanna chat Regards Patar
  14. can u or anyone here help to compile the 64 bit version of this plugins for houdini 9.5 thx voxelize
  15. hi i want to start to learn hdk can someone here tell me how to setup visual studio with houdini 9.5 64 bit on windows platform? i tried to follow the instruction on http://odforce.net/wiki/index.php/Setup_visual_Studio but still getting some error... is there a precaution stuffs for 64 bit version? different directory to point or different input parameter? etc.. please help thx voxelize