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  1. UV Pelt

    Done a little bit of research now and I thought I'd just fill this bit in if anyone wants it in the future... UVs can be imported into Houdini you just have to choose a file type which supports textures. Basically use .obj and not .dxf. Cheers H
  2. UV Pelt

    I dont actually use a 3d paint program.... I'm not too hot on the old texturing. I'm quite interested though. What do you use?... are the UVs assigned in Houdini. Or do the 3d paint programs assign their own UVs which you import back into Houdini? Cheers H
  3. I cant reload my external texture files without reloading Houdini.. I'm trying: texcache -c opupdate compfree no joy! ??
  4. UV Pelt

    Couple of questions... Is everyone still splitting their models into seperate bits and then using UVpelt or just being very clever with their cuts and keeping the whole character in one texture space? When the iterations get high then it becomes quite tricky to tell which UVs relate to which polygon. To get round this I'm colouring the model in with the paint sop. But the colours dont get included when you save the UV texture... Possible? (I'm doing it at the mo with screen grabs) ....still loving UVPelt though! Ta H
  5. SESI Site Down?

    Yup, always when you really need it too... Wouldn't it be great if odforce and the SESI messageboard ran mirrors of each other H
  6. Hi daniel, Yes! Thats just what I want to do! How would I go about that? Cheers H
  7. Yeah, I thought of that. But if your model is fairly low poly in certain areas then the map cant be that accurate. Cheers H
  8. Hi, So I've got this character and I'm trying to cover him in fur. Rather than cover him uniformly I'm trying to texture him a greyscale "coat" which I can use to control the size of each hair. Progress so far....... One of these grayscale maps is applied to the torso as you can see. The furs being made using point instancing using a method inspired (ripped off!) from AndrewVKs method. I need to get the value off the texture into $PSCALE to control the size of each hair. If the map was contained in one texture it'd be dead easy just a tex() or pic() affair. Unforntunatly lots of textures had to be created becuase.... texturings rubbish and I needed lots of projections. So the textures are being applied to the character relative to the groups from which their UVs where created! How do.... what next shall..... Any ideas? Cheers Henry
  9. question: show rendered time

    Actually... that would increase the render time wouldn't it? Oops
  10. question: show rendered time

    Just starting discovering this site. Signed up a bit ago but never really looked through it. Enjoying reading all the old posts! So, apologies if this is a bit late... I was thinking you could stick the render time on in COPs? and using a script something like this: set var = `execute("time render mantra1")` opparm /img/img1/font1 text ( $var ) The Cop network will have to be set up beforehand and the ability to do multiple frames put in somewhere. hmm.. H
  11. Particle Rotation Velocity

    Hi fex, Superfast particle rotations? Prehaps there is some part of your network playing up unexpectedly. Try using the Instance Pop. Copy on something simple, like a box, and bypass different parts of the network to isolate where its going weird. or, sloppy trig. ?? Good luck H
  12. newbie question

    Hi all, I've created a simple surface shader and stuck it on a grid. Unfortuantly it only displays on one side of the grid. Also, i created another shader using noise and it didn't display. hmm... I'm using slim so the shaders syntax should be ok. Cheers Henster
  13. Renderman/Houdini tutorials

    Hi capin_crunch, It sounds like houdini can't find prman.exe. add "RMANTREE" with a value of "C:\Program Files\Pixar\prman-11.0.1" in the environment bit. Houdini will open up the \bin folder for you. Hope this helps Henster
  14. Hi all, I've set up all the paths including the shader path in the output tab. I get the script in and can select and apply it. But when rendered it just comes out grey. I guess the codes right since I'm getting it from slim. Any ideas? Also, I've lost all the previous shaders default to houdini. I've put it a & into the envir path so it looks for the old one. I hope houdini 6 makes this a bit easier. Cheers The Henster