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  1. Splash flip simulation

    Thanks for the help so far. I've managed to make a sim until the part where I have to surface it using the particlefluidsurface node. The problem here is that I'm getting this weird geometry. Any idea as to how to fix this? Some frames have this and some don't. Boat3.abc Boat_splashdown_7.hipnc
  2. Splash flip simulation

    After changing the scale and redoing the sim it seems like I'm getting a weird interaction with the fluids. Any ideas on how to fix this? https://imgur.com/a/XrLXSzh Boat3.abc Splash.hipnc
  3. Splash flip simulation

    Aha! The scale of the boat is way too big after comparing it to the Tommy Object but the boat was modelled and scaled in meters in Maya before exporting it as an alembic file. Boat.abc
  4. Splash flip simulation

    The reseeding under flip solver seems to be greyed out so I cannot deactivate it. I'm using the default flip tank from the shelf tool.
  5. Splash flip simulation

    Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well. Before I start I'd like to apologies for my English. I'm creating a flip sim of a ship rising from underneath the ocean and splashing pretty much similar to this type of shot and I'm following this tutorial from Escape Studios on Youtube The problem I'm getting is that the splash is too big ( https://imgur.com/a/jpd1KsI ) What would be the solution to get just the right splash for this type of shot? The boat has been scaled and animated in Meters before I've imported it to Houdini. I have attached the hip file so everyone could take a look. Also, the flip simulation seems to move very slow compare to the animation of the boat. Here's the preview Thanks all! Boatsplash.hipnc