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  1. Animated Noise Attrib Affecting Vellum Sim

    I've already tried the match animation checkbox, it does not seem to work.
  2. Animated Noise Attrib Affecting Vellum Sim

    this seems relevant
  3. I'm trying to get a kind of moving inflatable skin effect, I was wondering if you could use a noise to animate the pinned points. Or moreover have the expanded bubbles move along the noise field. I have a pretty basic setup here. I'm currently just animating the Rest length scale. Would I need to use a sop solver for this? Any help would be appreciated. Also is there a way to not have those tiny little ripples? Many thanks! vellum_test.hipnc
  4. Is it possible to have vellum objects such as tets or pressure affect vellum grains. The best I have right now is simming the object first then using that as collision geo for the grains. Any one have any ideas? Or am I missing something obvious? test.hipnc